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Misc Tunes

Last updated: 27th December 2005 (most recent tunes marked * ).

A Bruxa
Amazing Grace
Anna's Waltz
Apprentice Lads of Alnwick
Banbury Bill
Bastrigue, La
Billy Ballantine's Reel
Blodau Drain [tab]
Breton Tune
Crooked Stovepipe
Flowers of the Thorn [tab]
French Canadian Reel
Gandzia Polka [tab]
Ganglat fran Appelbo
Grande Chaine, La
Handkerchief Dances (3)
Hangman's Reel
Highland Mary
Lads of Alnwick
Louis's Waltz
Maid of the Mill
Man with Two Women, The
Mona's Delight
Old French
Ook Pik Waltz
Oot Pik Waltz
Oyster Tune
Pheasant's Dance
Rambler's Hornpipe, The
Reel du Pendu
* Rucenitsa 1
* Rucenitsa 2
* Rucenitsa 3
Silent Night
Silent Night [harmony]
Silent Night [composite]
Swedish Anna's Waltz
Turkish 7/8
Uke Pick Waltz
Uncle's Jig
* Visa fran Venjan
Waltz of the Little Girls
Wedding Gift, The
Willie Taylor's Fiddle
Winster Gallop