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Irish Tunes

Last updated: 12th January 2006 (most recent tunes marked * ).

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All Around the World
Ashplant, The
* Behind the Haystack
Belles of Tipperary 1
Belles of Tipperary 2
Bonnie Kate
Boyne Hunt, The
Boyne Hunt, The (decor)
Boys of Limerick
Boys of Mallin, The
Boys of Portaferry
Casey's Pig
Cavan Reel, The
Chicago Reel
Coachman's Whip, The
Cooley's Reel
Cottage In the Grove
Eileen O'Callaghan's
Fergal O'Gara's
Follow Me Down to Galway
Game of Love, The
Gatehouse Maid, The
Geaghan's Fancy
Hare's Foot
High Reel, The
Irish Reel II
Irish Reel III
Irish Reel IV
Jim Kennedy's Favourite
Johnny McIljohn's No.1
Johnny McIljohn's No.2
Johnny Will You Marry Me?
Joe Tanzy's
Kitty Got a Clinking
Lad o' Byrne's
Lads of Laois
Maids of Tulla, The
Mason's Apron
Mike Flynn's I
Mike Flynn's II
Miss McCloud's Reel
Morning Star, The
Mountain Top, The
Mrs Gordon's Favorite
* Munster Buttermilk
Paddy Canny's
Parnell's Reel
Pat Carney's
Pinch of Snuff, The I
Pinch of Snuff, The II
Pullet, The
Queen's Shilling, The
Reel On Mandolin
Return from Fingal
Rolling In the Ryegrass
Sporting Paddy
Star of Munster
Watchmaker, The
Wise Maid, The
White Leaf, The
Youngest Daughter, The

Arthur Darley's
Behind the Bush in the Garden
Bill Collins
Blackthorn Stick
Brisk Young Lads, The
Charley the Prayermaster
Charlie Hunter
Coleman's Cross
Connachtman's Rambles, The
Donegal Lass, The
Drunken Parson, The
Dublin Jig, The
Elsie Marley
Father O'Flynn
Fisherman's Lilt, The
Flanagan's Jig
Gander In the Pratie Hole
Hearty Boys of Ballymoate
Idle Road, The
Irish Jig
Jimmy Ward's Jig
Jimmy Ward's Fancy
Joe Derrane's
Lilting Fisherman, The
Maggie Brown's
Maid In the Meadow, The
Millpond, The
Miss Walsh's Fancy
O'Keefe's Slide
Off to Puck Fair
Out On the Ocean
Planxty Browne
* Portpatrick
Rakes of Kildare, The
Richard Brennan's Favorite
Richard Brennan's Favorite 2
Roaring Jelly
Rolling Wave, The
Rollocking Irishman, The
Rory O'More
Saddle the Pony I
Scattery Island Slide
Smash the Windows
Stone In the Field, The
Swedish Jig, The
Thrush In the Straw
Tidy Girleen, The
Trip to Kilkenny
Tripping Upstairs

Ballydesmond Polka No.3
Boys of the Town
Britches Full of Stiches
Charlie Harris's Polka
Dan O'Connell's Favourite
Denis Murphy's Polka
Egan's Polka
Fitzmaurice's Polka
* Green Cottage Polka
Haughs of Cromdale (polka)
I Have a Bonnet...
I Have a Bonnet...
I'll Tell Me Ma
* Jim Keefe's
Josephine Marsh's
London Bridge
* Lucy Farr's Polka
Murroe, The
Mursheen Durkin
Peg Ryan's Fancy
* Polca Sheamais Ui Chaoimh
Ryan's Polka
Spanish Lady
* Tom Sullivan's Polka
Tralee Gaol
* Trampoline, The
* Trooper's Lane
Waves of Tory

Airs & Song Airs
Charles O'Connor
Christ Church
Danny Boy
Down By the Sally Garden
Dunnigall's Rant
Eagle's Whistle 1
Eagle's Whistle 2
Eagle's Whistle 3
Eleanor Plunkett
Gallways Lament
Humours of Glen 1
Humours of Glen 2
Humours of Glen 3
Irish Tune, Ane
Mrs Gordon's Favourite
O'Donnell's Return
Planxty Fanny Powers
Planxty Irwin
Princes Royal, The
Sheebeg Sheemore
Sheebeg Sheemore (decor)
Si Beag Si Mhor
Si Beag Si Mhor (decor)
St Patrick's Cathedral
Star of the County Down

Dermot Grogan's Hornpipe
First of May, The
Peter Wyper's Hornpipe
Trumpet Hornpipe
Two Birds On a Tree

Donegal Barn Dance
Four Provinces Flings, The
James O'Brien
* O'Donnell's Return
Seamus O'Brien
St Patrick's Cathedral

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