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Nigel Gatherer's ABC Tune Collection

Nigel Gatherer's ABC Tune Collection

Welcome to Nigel Gatherer's ABC collection. The collection consists of tunes which he has transcribed for classes, or whilst discussing them on newsgroups, mailing lists and by email. To download a tune, click on the locations list below and click on its name in these lists.

The tunes have also been arranged into different "Tunebooks" of about 50 tunes each. To download these, click on the following links:

Tunebook 01 | Tunebook 02 | Tunebook 03 | Tunebook 04 |
Tunebook 05 | Tunebook 06 | Tunebook 07 | Tunebook 08 |
Tunebook 09 | Tunebook 10 | Tunebook 11 | Tunebook 12 |
Tunebook 13 | Tunebook 14 | Tunebook 15 | Tunebook 16 |
Tunebook 17 | Tunebook 18 | Tunebook 19 | Tunebook 20 |
Tunebook 21 |

To find out more about ABC notation, go to the ABC home page. Some of these tunes are also available in standard notation and mandolin tablature. See the General Index for more details.

If you're searching for a particular tune, you could do worse than to go to John Chambers's remarkable ABC tune finder; if there's an ABC of the tune you want, it'll find it!

You can see a standard notation version of any of the tunes by copying them and pasting into the box below.

Finally, email Nigel with any comments or criticisms about this site.


Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |