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A Collection of Strathspey Reels & Country Dances &c With a Bass for the Violoncello or Harpsichord humbly dedicated to Mrs. Farquharson of Monaltrie by Robert Petrie at Kirkmichael Perthshire

Price 4/- EDINr. Printed for the Author and sold by STEWART & Co. JOHNSON & co. Lawn Market, And all the Music Sellers in Town and Country J. Johnson Sculpt.

Abc translation by Steve Wyrick at Concord California, from a facsimile of the original provided by Jan Tappan of Fiddler's Crossing, and using Phil Taylor's BarFly abc editor. All markings &c are Petrie's; I have corrected what I feel are minor errors and omissions in the manuscript and in all such cases have annotated my changes.

This version omits Petrie's bass line but I am currently nearing completion of a version which includes the bass line in a second voice.

Steve Wyrick 30th April 2004

First Collection
Aberdeen Hunt
Aboyne Castle
Am Bodach a chianamh
Cpt Patrick McKenzie's Strathspey
Cpt Patrick McKenzie's Strathspey
(standard tuning)
Cotillon, A
Cotillon or figure dance
Delgaty Castle
Drown Drouth
Forneth House
Garthland House Strathspey
Hornpipe, A
Invereys Strathspey
Kirkmichael Plows
Lessley House Quick Step
Marchioness, The
Marr Hills Strathspey
Master McDonald St Martin's Strathspey
Miss E. Elders
Miss Elders Reel
Miss Farquharson of Invercauld's Jigg
Miss Gordon of Abergeldie's Jigg
Miss Gordon of Abergeldie's Strathspey
Miss Grant of Monymusk's Jigg
Miss Rattray of Dalrullzian
Miss Rutherfoord's Jigg
Miss Stewart Dowally's Jigg

Miss Stewart Derculloch's Reel
Miss Stewart Mitchell's Reel
Miss Susan Spalding's Jigg
Monaltries Reel
Monaltrie's Strathspey
Money in Both Pockets
Morgan Rattler, The
Mr Stewart Dowally's Reel
Mrs Captain Stewart's Strathspey
Mrs Farquharson of Inverey's Strathspey
Mrs Farquharson of Monaltrie's Delight
Mrs Farquharson's Jigg or Quick Step
Mrs Fergusson of Raith's Delight
Mrs Ferguson of Raith's Strathspey
Mrs Fraser of Lovat's Strathspey
Mrs Johnston of Woodhills Reel
Mrs Small of Dirnanean's Delight
Mrs Small of Dirnanean's Jigg
Persie House Reel
Rattle the Bottles
Stewart Robertson's Strathspey
Tipstaff Strathspey
Turriff Hunt
Wantoness for ever more
Washer Woman, The
Weymss Castle Strathspey
Whole First Collection