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  McKenzie Hay

(by James Scott Skinner) As played by Nigel Gatherer on
CoMando Sessions Vol. II, Disc 2, track 8

Nigel Gatherer: "I was disappointed not to have managed to meet the deadline for the first CD, so when the second volume was announced, I was determined to make it...I missed the deadline - another disappointment. Then I heard that the deadline had in fact been extended. As soon as that happened, I rang my friend Johnny Cradden and arranged a recording session.

"The next morning we met and rehearsed a couple of numbers, then recorded them on minidisc. Johnny is from Ulster and played a Belfast-made Louden guitar. My first choice was two tunes from Scots composer James Scott Skinner (1843-1927) (more info): Mackenzie Hay, a strathspey, and The Spey in Spate. I had been playing these for a while, so I could manage a reasonable rendition with few mistakes. Johnny is one of those who can work up an accompaniment almost immediately, so I was happy with his contribution.

"The result was fine - I'm not a professional, so it wouldn't stand up to close scrutiny against the likes of Simon Mayor etc; however, I know how far my talents extend, and I'm comfortable with that.

"Once the recording was made, I almost ran to the post office to get it away, still unsure whether it would reach the US in time (the Christmas mail chaos had begun, so there was no guarantee. It was only when the sleeve notes were posted on the website that I knew that I had made it - I'm delighted that I made the effort this time!"
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McKenzie Hay