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The Navvy on the Line/The Lochmaben Hornpipe

Navvy on the Line
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The Navvy on the Line was composed by James Hill (1814-1860), who lived his short adult life in Gateshead and Newcastle (although he was born in Dundee). He composed many hornpipes, some of which are still played widely today.

I got The Lochmaben Hornpipe from a small collection of dance tunes from 1932; in there it said it was found in "an old manuscript found in Dryhope Tower." I have found it in other collections under various names, including Douglas, Huntsman's Hornpipe; Untitled Hornpipe and Murray's Hornpipe.

This set and other tunes played at Scottish Sessions can be found in The Glasgow Slow Session Volume 1, available from my Online Store.

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