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The Scottish Slow Session

Nigel Gatherer's Tune of the Week

Through my forum (The Gathering) I was persuaded to offer a "Tune of the Week" - a tune on which a few people could work and share experiences and tips. This is slowly growing into an interesting and useful collection, available to everyone.

Email me with any comments or criticisms.

Tune of the Week Vol.1
Tune of the Week Vol.2
Tune of the Week Vol.3
Tune of the Week Vol.4
Tune of the Week Vol.5
Last update:
26th January 2023
TOW Book 1 No. Tunes No. Tunes
Tune of the Week Book 1
Tune of the Week
Volume 1
01 Cenneag Mhor 11 My Beautiful Mandolin Friend
02 Mo Chaillein Dileas Donn 12 Wi' My Dog and Gun
03 Johnny Murray of Lochee 13 Pretty Little Cat
04 Ray's Classic 14 The Periwig
05 Joan's Jig 15 Drummond Castle
06 Little Diamond 16 A Yow Cam to Wir Door Yarmin'
07 Jenny Lind Polka 17 The New Five Cents
08 Cro Cinn T-Saile 18 Hoch Hey Johnnie Lad/Lord Drummond
09 Cavehill 19 Wistfulness at Wiston
10 Banbury Bill 20 I Bhi Ada
TOW Book 2 No. Tunes No. Tunes
Tune of the Week Book 2
Tune of the Week
Volume 2
21 Jas Soutar of Plains 31 By Dundas Loch
22 Swedish Schottische 32 Welcome Christmas Morning
23 The Music o' Spey 33 New Year's Day
24 Song for the Samllpipes 34 Liberton Polka
25 Sonatina in G 35 Isaac a-Bell & Hugh the Graham
26 Tigh na Gorm 36 The Marquis of Lorne
27 The Lady's Plaything 37 Strathearn
28 The Tailor's Shirt 38 John Clifford's No.1
29 Reel Eugene 39 The Ashplant
30 Patrick O'Connor's Polkas 40 Dr J G Hunter of Aultbea
TOW Book 3 No. Tunes No. Tunes
Tune of the Week Book 3
Tune of the Week
Volume 3
41 The Falls of Lora 51 The Burning of Crieff
42 Partans In the Creel 52 The Crooked Road to Crieff
43 You're Welcome Home 53 S Toigh Leam Fhin Buntata 'sIm
44 Scotsman Over the Border 54 The Dimming of the Day
45 The Gathering Waltz 55 Mairi Robertson’s Jig
46 The Banks of Esk 56 Alistair's Jig
47 The Cairdin' O't 57 Letter to Peter Pan
48 John Carmichael's Farewell 58 Caber Feidh
49 Atholl Highlanders' March 59 Coilsfield House
50 The Gandzia Polka 60 J O Forbes of Corse
TOW Book 4 No. Tunes No. Tunes
Tune of the Week Book 4
Tune of the Week
Volume 4
61 Willie MacGregor 71 The Duke of Montrose Reel
62 Auld Rattray 72 Fife and A' the Lands About It
63 The Dower House 73 St Ninian's Isle
64 The Brig o' Blair 74 Sleepers Awake
65 Satchell's Waltz 75 Sally In the Garden
66 Driving the Steers 76 Jelly Well Spread
67 The Farley Bridge 77 My Nannie O
68 The Furrow's End 78 Will Ye Nocht Dreed
69 O'er the Muir to Ketty 79 Scalloway Voe
70 The Duke of Montrose Strathspey 80 Feis Rois Jig
TOW Book 5 No. Tunes No. Tunes
Tune of the Week Book 5
Tune of the Week
Volume 5
81 Dorothy Leur's Jig 91 Hannun Hambo
82 David Gordon's Dagger 92 John MacDonald's Reel
83 Kevin MacLeod of Auchterhouse 93 Larry Redican's Jig
84 The Cas-Chrom 94 14th October
85 June's Reel 95 Bonny Lassie Take a Man
86 Salmon Tails Up the Water 96 The Padlock
87 Salt Creek 97 Maidens
88 Gibby's Reels 98 Auld Reekie
89 The Spey in Spate 99 Cropie's Strathspey
90 The Railway Hornpipe 100 New Dawning, The

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