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Nigel Gatherer's Theory and Application
 Nigel Gatherer's Music Classes
Latest update:
20th November 2023
 Theory and Application

Along with music, I have prepared many hand-out sheets for my classes and workshops which deal with technique, styles, music theory and other aspects which don't come under the title "tunes". It's possible that some of these may be useful to learners, so help yourself. Any feedback is welcome (email me).

 Styles and Genres
 Theory and Application
  • Chords:
    • Chords 1 (Chord Progressions) [TAB]
    • Chords 2 (Strumming) [TAB]
    • Chords 3 (Choosing Chords) [TAB]
    • Chords 4 (Accompaniment) [TAB]
    • Chords 5 (Chord Theory) [TAB]
    • Chords 6 (Chord Families) [TAB]

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