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 Mixter Maxter
Mixed Instrument Workshops

Mixter Maxter - a Scots expression meaning "topsy-turvey" or "all mixed up" - combines high quality music with an introduction to the joy of playing with other people. A day of mixed instrument workshops where the group learns some tunes and collaborates to arrange them in an interesting, attractive and exciting way. Suitable for most instruments, and most temperaments; everybody gets a lot out of it.

Mixter Maxter moves around; we've been in North Fife, East Lothian, Peebles, Cardrona, Glasgow and by the Crinan Canal. All that is required is a good hall and someone local for liaison. If you would like Mixter Maxter to come to your area, get in touch, and we can talk about it.

The next Mixter Maxter is in April 2024. Full details

Click on the links on the right to access photos and music from previous workshops, and for details about upcoming Mixter Maxter workshops, follow the links below.

Mixter Maxter 01-05
Mixter Maxter 06-10
MM11 Carlops
MM12 Carlops
MM13 East Lothian
MM14 Edinburgh
MM15 Cairnbaan
MM16 Carlops
MM17 Cairnbaan
MM18 Gullane
MM19 Peebles
MM20 Penicuik
MM21 Burntisland
MM22 Cairnbaan
MM23 Gullane
MM24 Eddleston
Nigel Gatherer's Music Workshops

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |