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Nigel Gatherer's Self Study
Mandolin Tutorials

I have prepared a number of tutorials, listed below, to help people get started on the mandolin. Take it slowly, and practise any exercises several times before moving on.

Lesson 1
Introduction; history of the mandolin.
Lesson 2
The plectrum; tuning methods.
Lesson 3
How to use mandolin tablature.
Lesson 4
Your first exercises to get you used to the fingerboard.
Lesson 5
Tuners, picks, straps and peg winders.
Lesson 6
Keys and Scales
Scales and keys and octaves.
Lesson 7
Pick Direction
A look at downstrokes, upstrokes, and which to use where.
Lesson 8
Scale Exercises
More exercises.
Lesson 9
Skye Boat Song
A tune, a rhythm, a prince and a story.
Lesson 10
Exploring some ornamentation ideas with a tune, Highland Skip.
Lesson 11
Pick Direction
A deeper look at pick direction with several exercises.

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