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The Northern Fiddler

The Northern Fiddler, a book about the music and musicians of Donegal and Tyrone, was first published in 1979. As far as I know it is not currently in print, nor are there plans to reprint it. This list is a collection of annotations about the tunes in The Northern Fiddler (NF) and was started by Larry Sanger, then greatly enhanced by comments from several others (see below), mostly stemming from discussions on Irtrad-L, a mailing list dedicated to Irish traditional music.

The music from Donegal is of particular interest to me because so much of the Donegal repertoire is Scottish in origin. However, any scholar of Irish music, or traditional music in general, would find great pleasure in the tunes. We're always interested to hear more information on the tunes, especially the few nameless tunes which have not yet been identified.

 Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |