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Tuneworks 2

Crowwood HotelThe second Tuneworks workshop was held on Sunday 18th October 2015 at the Crowwood Hotel, just outside Glasgow. Once again, the theme was "contemporary tunes" and we spent a very enjoyable day learning new tunes and playing them together.

The tunes we did during the workshop can be downloaded from the link below.




  • Davy Strachan (guitar)
  • Alison Shannon (whistle)
  • Tom Fernie (mandolin)
  • Tom McCutcheon (mandolin)
  • Derek Shannon (mandolin)
  • Cathy Lewis (mandolin)
  • Frances McCall (guitar)
  • Eoin McIntyre (concertina)
  • Valerie McCutcheon (fiddle)
  • Sandra Kinniburgh (fiddle)
  • Mary McElroy (fiddle)
  • Alison Elder (fiddle)
  • John Lewis (fiddle)
  • Alison Schreiber (fiddle)
  • Stevie Neil (guitar)
  • Wendy Martin (mandolin)


Tuneworks 2   The music for Tuneworks 2 was available in standard notation (click the image to your left), but other formats (e.g. fiddle fingerings, mandolin tab), would be arranged upon request.
Standard Notation

Soundfiles: (thanks to Davie Strachan)

Tuneworks 2 Photos (Thanks to Derek Shannon & Davie Strachan)
Tuneworks 2 Tuneworks 2
Tuneworks 2 Tuneworks 2
Tuneworks 2 Tuneworks 2

Location: Crowwood Hotel
Date: 18th October 2015
Time: 10am-4.30pm
Mixter Maxter 4 Group Photo

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