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Mixter Maxter

Mixter Maxter 14 (Feb 2020)

Mixter Maxter 14 is being held in the city of Edinburgh on 1st February 2020. The idea is for everyone simply to enjoy playing music in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


Spaces in the workshop are limited to 40, but it's unlikely that there will be that many attending. However, priority will be given to those who have booked. The workshop costs £28.00, and you can use the button below to pay digitally, or contact me to make other arrangements.



Who's Going? ( = deposit paid) 12
  • Adelheid Cooney (flute)
  • Alison Shannon (whistle)
  • Allan Sturrock (mandolin)
  • Bill Craigie (fiddle)
  • Carole Ross (dulcimer)
  • Chris Mahoney (whistle)
  • Dave Fernandez (flute)
  • David Williamson (whistle)
  • Derek Shannon (mandolin)
  • Fiona Crombie (fiddle)
  • Ian Young (whistle)
  • Iris Howitt (whistle)
  • Jack Millar (mandolin)
  • Jan Russell (banjo)
  • Jane Culpan (melodeon)
  • Allan Sturrock (whistle)
  • John Young (fiddle)
  • Joy Lowther (fiddle)
  • Myles Lobjoie (harmonica)
  • Pauline Cowan (whistle)
  • Simon Cooper (concertina)


The Police Most of the tunes and songs in the workshop have a theme, which this time is "The Police". The notation for the tunes and songs will be able to be downloaded from this page in due time. If you require any other types of notation (tab, fiddle fingering, etc), please let me know.

Tunes for the Workshop
1 The Thief of Lochaber/The Musical Thief
2 Curse the Law
3 Duncan Campbell
4 Throw Away the Keys/You're Nicked!
5 Peeler's Creek Waltz/The Hangman's Noose
6 Superintendent Barrett
7 The Wee Sergeant/Jack Broke da Prison Door
Mixter Maxter Mixter Maxter
Standard Notation Mandolin tablature
Mixter Maxter Mixter Maxter
Whistle Notation Fiddle Fingering


St Ninian's Church
40 Comely Bank

Coming soon.

Location: Comely Bank, Edinburgh
Date: 1st Feb 2020
Time: 10.30am-4.00pm
Latest edit 16th Jan 11am

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