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The Scottish Whistle

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Si Beag Si Mhor



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Whistle Tutorial - Lesson 14.2


Decoration 2

The Casadh
The casadh (an Irish word meaning, I believe, turn) is similar to the cut, but this time you start and end with the proper note. Again, the C note doesn't use a casadh. [MIDI file]
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As in the cut, you do not have to remove all your fingers to make this decoration; just twitching your finger off the A note will produce the desired effect.

The Trill
The trill is simple enough: you alternate the principle note with the note above. In standard notation trills are indicate by the letters "tr" above a note. I have read that it's not used much by whistlers because the roll is used in preference (more about rolls later), but it can be effective in slow airs, for example. [MIDI file]

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