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degabRecap: you now know five different notes on the whistle, and it's important that you know the names of these notes, so your first homework will be remembering these note names: D, E, G, A, and B.

With these five notes, we're now going to learn a nice Irish polka called Egan's Polka (also called Peg Ryan's). It's a simple tune with lots of repetitions.

My opinion is that the way to learn an instrument is to play, play, play. Learn lots of tunes and by doing this, you're going to start playing the penny whistle.

The method I use is to teach tunes by ear - after all, that's how you first learned music as a young child, so you know you can do it. However, this isn't possible on this on-line tutorial, so I plan to add sound files in the future (I've started adding MIDI files). In the meantime, I can supply a cassette tape with all the tunes and exercises on it (email me for details).

Egan's Polka
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