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The Scottish Whistle: Tutorials

The Scottish Whistle Buying a Whistle
A couple of words of advice about buying your first whistle.
Lesson 1 Let's Get Started.
The first steps: holding the whistle, making a noise, our first notes, and tunes including Egan's Polka.
Lesson 2 More Notes.
The high D; Egan's Polka revisited; The Skye Boat Song; the upper octave.
Lesson 3 Towards the full scale.
We learn another two notes and start practicing a scale in D. Tunes: Amazing Grace and Wha Wadna Fecht for Chairlie?.
Lesson 4 Scales and Patterns.
We look at alternative ways of practising scales. Tune: The Barnyards of Delgaty.
Lesson 5 Reels.
We look at Scottish reels and their rhythm. Tunes: Tail Toddle and Short Coated Mary.
Lesson 6 The G Scale.
We learn a new note: C natural. Tune: The Rakes of Mallow.
Lesson 7 Practice Routines & Review.
A look back and forward. Tune: Johnny McIljohn's No.1.
Lesson 8 The Strathspey.
A look at this most Scottish of tune forms. Tunes: Comin Tho' the Rye; Burning of the Piper's Hut.
Lesson 9 Airs.
A look at slow airs etc. Tunes: Farewell to Fuinary; Bonnie Galloway.
Lesson 10 Irish reels.
Tunes: Drowsy Maggie; Johnny McIljohn's #2.
Lesson 11 Irish jigs.
Tunes: Scattery Island Slide; The Donegal Lass.
Lesson 12 Irish polkas.
Tunes: Ryan's Polka; I'll Tell Me Ma.
Lesson 13 Irish airs.
Tunes: Si Beag Si Mhor; Eibhlin.
Lesson 14 Decoration.
Tunes: Si Beag Si Mhor.
Lesson 15 Breathing.
Tunes: Johnny McIljohn's #2; Teribus.

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