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  Tecumseh Courting the Young Miss Galloway

As played by Dave Berry and Bill Foss on
CoMando Sessions Vol. II, Disc 1, track 17

Dave Berry: "...This tune could just as well be titled "Practicing Keeping the Index Finger Down". I was just noodling around and found this melody while forcing myself not to raise my index finger and playing the rest of the melody with the 2nd and 3rd fingers. A week or so later I was over at Bill's house with the minidisk on and started playing this. He just jumped in and added some cool counter melody/rythyms like he always does...I came home and edited out the sounds of trucks going past his house and dubbed it to Bill's MD recorder for [the CoMando Sessions CD II].

"The title was partially inspired from John Bird's CoMando Session I naming of President Reagan Departs from Indianapolis in that I had been reading several books about the great Shawnee Chief Tecumseh who grew up near where I am from in southern Ohio. Several books document his relationship to the Ohio statesman John Galloway's daughter Rebecca who taught him to read. There is no real evidence that he actually courted her but the childrens historical novel Second Bend in the River presents it as such." (Email Dave Berry)
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