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  Seneca Square Dance

I've given two versions: the first is how I mostly play it these days, and I can't remember where I learned it, so it's probably an amalgamation of several. Scottish fiddler Aly Bain made the tune more popular here when he used it as his theme tune for a television series a while ago - only he called it Waiting for the Federals. (There is an abc version of this tune as well).

The second version is a simpler one, and possibly closer to the root of the tune. I've taken it from the way the band played it in the film The Long Riders (Ry Cooder was in the band, I think).

Opinions are divided about how fast it should be played. Some reckon it sounds best as fast as you can play it (there are some over here that play it in a set of polkas, played at the speed of light); others prefer a more relaxed pace. I'm in the latter camp, as always - played too fast, it loses some of its beauty.
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Seneca Square Dance I

Seneca Square Dance 1

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