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  Clinch Mountain Backstep

Clinch Mountain Backstep is a tab by John Baldry, originally published in his 1980 Bluegrass and Old Time Mandolin newsletter. He describes it as

...A straight-ahead version of this bluegrass standard by Ralph Stanley. A modal tune accompanied by major chords, but musical notation is in A minor. Pay particular attention to details of the slides and double stops (unisons). In bar 4, Parts 1 & 2, the slide on the first note (2nd string) is from one fret below (6th-7th fret), and is quite fast. The other slides are from 5th to 7th fret of the third string, and are slower, each note in effect an eighth note...The second note (7th fret) is picked as well in the 6th bar of each part, but is not picked in bars 1 and 3, 2nd part - see directions for plectrum. (This is much easier to demonstrate than to explain in words!) Notice the extra notes in bar 3, 2nd part, a rhythmic characteristic of Clinch Mountain Backstep. Play medium fast/fast, 138-152. Recorded references: The Stanley Brothers, King 615; The Kentucky Colonels, United Artists UAS 29514 and Rounder 0070; Pete Stanley and Roger Knowles (banjo version in modal tuning), banjo Bounce, XTRA 1134.
The tune Coleman Ridge Backstep (ref: The Camp Creek Boys, Leader LED 2053 with Parley Grey on mandolin) is related to Clinch Mountain Backstep, probably derived from it.

I've notated a simple version of this tune in ABC notation. It's beyond me to give an accurate rendering from the tab below, but at least it will give you an idea of how it sounds.

CHORDS: As John said above, this is a modal tune notated in A minor, but the chords are major:
A - / A - / A - / E - / A - / A - / A E / A - //
A - / A - / A - / E - / A - / A - / A E / A - //
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Clinch Mountain Backstep

Clinch Mtn 1
Clinch Mtn 2

T:Clinch Mountain Backstep
S:Bluegrass and Old Time Mandolin Newsletter, 1980
Z:Nigel Gatherer
aa|aa g2 e2 eg|edcc A2 aa|aagg e2 d2 e2 ee eeaa|
aggg eeeg|edcc A2 GA|AAAA cAGB|A2ee ee:|]
E2|GAAA AAcc|ccAA GG E2|\
GAAA AAcc cc d2|\
e2 ee ee aa|
aa g2 e2 eg|edcc A2 GA|AAAA cAGB|A2 ee ee:|]