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  Fear a Phige

I got this tune from The Riverside Ceilidh Band, who got it from the playing of accordionist Andrew Rankine. He called it Fear a Figue, but one of my students explained:

A "pig" is an old Scots term for a stone bottle made to contain hot water to heat up your bed - what you'd call a hot water bottle. The gaelic word for this bottle is "phige", and the man who supplied these bottles was called the bottle man, or fear a' phige, and it wasn't necessarily hot water which was supplied with the bottle!
The tune should be easy to pick up because, for example, the first twelve notes of the "B" part are exactly the same!
Set 1:   Cenneag Mhor/Fear a Figue.
  SMG Beg Mixed

Fear a Phige
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Fear a Phige