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Welcome to Nigel Gatherer's Mixed Instrument Collection. I have run a number of mixed instrument groups over the years, and a couple of years ago I decided to organise the tunes into a numbered system for ease of use. The page numbers below equate to the music hand-outs given to my classes, and eventually form a repertoire of tunes.

Email me with any comments or criticisms.

Nigel Gatherer

Last updated: 19th January 2009


Page Tune/Set Page Tune/Set
001 Egan's Polka/Ryan's Polka 036 Stronsay Waltz/Rope Waltz
002 Jock Stewart 037 Dawning of the Day
003 Back o' Benachie 038 The Lea Rig
004 Leezie Lindsay 039 Richard Brennan's/Donegal Lass
005 Wild Mountain Thyme 040 Lindisfarne
006 Skye Boat Song 041 Johnny McIljohn's
007 Dumbarton Drums 042 AlDun/Eight Men of Moidart
008 Four Maries 043 Lovely Stornoway
009 Boys of the Town/Tom Sullivan's Polka 044 Mist Covered Mountains
010 The Sailor Laddie 045 Da Slockit Light
011 Shearing, The 046 Roses of Prince Charlie
012 Hector the Hero 047 Rowan Tree
013 Bonnie Galloway 048 Lass o Patie's Mill
014 Barren Rocks/Piper's Cave 049 We're No Awa Tae Bide Awa
015 Hoch Hey/Lord Drummond 050 Bonnie Lass Come Ower the Burn
016 Mary Young & Fair 051 Short Coated Mary/
017 I Hae a Wife o' My Ain/ 052 Shepherd's Wife/
018 Come By the Hills 053 Oyster Wives'/Clean Pea Strae
019 Duncan Davidson/Fairy Dance 054 Down Home
020 Island Dance/Peat Fire Flame 055 Midnight On the Water
021 Shetland Reels I 056 Twisted Bridge
022 Earl of Mansfield/Campbell's Farewell 057 Fear a Bhois...
023 Midwinter Waltz 058 Salmon Tails/Reel Tullochg
024 Farewell to Fuinary 059 Flowers of Edinburgh/Soldier's Joy
025 Cenneag Mhor/Fear a Phige 060  
026 Morag of Dunvegan 061 Rolling Hills of the Borders
027 Planxty Irwin/Fanny Powers 062 Stalker Castle/MuckG
028 O'Connor's/Little Diamond 063 Mo Chailin Dileas Donn
029 Arran Boat Song 064 Eibhlin
030 New Rigged Ship/Brose Butter 065 East Parkside
031 Leaving Lismore 066 Battle of the Somme/Boy's Lament
032 Domhnall Dubh/Highlander's Revenge 067  
033 Calum's Road/Memories Fr Angus 068  
034 Johnny Todd/Far From Home 069 Ye Jacobites By Name
035 Cailin Mo Ruin Sa 070