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A Second Collection of Strathspey Reels & Country Dances &c for the Pianoforte, Violin and Violincello humbly dedicated to Mrs. Garden of Troup by Robert Petrie at Kirkmichael Perthshire

EDINr. Printed for the Author and sold by all the Music Sellers in Town and Country Geo. Walker Sculpt. Edinr.

Price to Subcribers 3/ to Nonsubscribers 6/.

Abc translation by Steve Wyrick at Concord California, from a facsimile of the original provided by Jan Tappan of Fiddler's Crossing, and using Phil Taylor's BarFly abc editor. All markings &c are Petrie's; I have corrected what I feel are minor errors and omissions in the manuscript and in all such cases have annotated my changes.

Petrie didn't note composers for most of these tunes. Many are his own compositions but a number are not. I checked all titles in Charles Gore's The Scottish Fiddle Music Index: the 18th and 19th Century Printed Collections (1994) and where there appears to be doubt on authorship I've left the composer field blank and noted Gore's citation for the earliest appearance of the tune.

Steve Wyrick August 8, 2004

Second Collection
Athole House
Birk's of Abergeldy, The
Blackhall House Quick Step
Braes of Auchtertyre, The
Capt. Carrick's Reel
Captain McKenzie
Chase, The
Corrimony's Strathspey
Col. Garden's Birth day
Col. Macbean's Reel
Col. Mackay's Reel
Cutting of the Stick's, The
Delgaty Ice House
Delgaty Knell
Delvin Side
Drunken Friday
Duke of Perth's Reel
Duncan Davidson
Dutchess of Athole's Reel
Earl of Marshall's Reel
Fill the Stoup
Garden Well, Glen Callater
Green grow's the Rashes
Honorable Mr. Gray's Strathspey
Honorable Mr. Ramsay Maule's Reel
Honorable Mrs. Maule's Reel
I'll go no more to yon Town
Invercauld's Reel
Isle of Sky
John Roy Stewart
Keep the Countrey bonny Lassie
Lady Anne Gordon's Reel
Lady Harriot Hay's Strathspey
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel
Lenox Love
Light and Arie
Lord Eglinton's Reel
Meason's of York
Miss Ann Amelia Stewart's Strathspey
Miss Dunkanson's Jigg
Miss Farquharson (of Invercauld's) Strathspey
Miss Garden (Delgaty's) Strathspey
Miss Gunning's Reel
Miss Hay's Reel
Miss Mary Garden (Delgaty's) Reel
Miss Maule's Strathspey
Miss Rose Blackhall's Strathspey
Miss Russell (of Blackhall's) Reel
Monie Musk
Montrose Races, A Strathspey
Morpeth Rant
Mortland's Reel
Mr. Anderson's Strathspey
Mr. Duff (of Fetteresso's) Birth day
Mr. Garden Junior (of Troup's) Strathspey
Mr. Garden (of Troup's) Farewell to France
Mr. Garden (of Troup's) Reel
Mr. Garden (of Troup's) Strathspey
Mr. Garden's Welcome Home to Troup House
Mrs. Duff (of Fetteresso's) Strathspey
Mrs. Farquharson (of Monaltrie's) Strathspey
Mrs. Garden of Troup's Reel
Mrs. Garden (of Troup's) Strathspey
Mrs. Graham (of Ballgown's) Reel
Mrs. Harvey (of Broadland's) Strathspey
Mrs. Leith (of Glenkendy's) Reel
Mrs. Stewart (Kirkmichael's) Reel
New Years Day
Perth-Shire Volunteer's Strathspey
Tore of Troup, The, A Strathspey
Troup House
Whole Second Collection