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My publishing imprint, The Pigpipe Press was established in 1986 as an outlet for various musical publications on traditional music and mandolin tuition. My aim was to produce small, attractive music books which offer the music student valuable help and resources. Since selling these books at festivals, workshops and rallies, I have added a few other items of use to the music student.

With the rise of the use of iPads and other tablets I have made many of my books available as digital downloads. Click on any of the titles below to get more information. If you have any specific enquiries, email me directly.

The Joy of Sets Series
Tunes arranged in sets for sessions and ensembles.
The Joy of Sets The Joy of Sets Vol.1 (£4.00)

The Joy of Sets Vol.2 (£4.00)

The Joy of Sets Vol.3 (£4.00)

The Joy of Sets Vol.4 (£4.00)

 eBooks (digital download, PDF format) :
The Joy of Sets Vol.1 - eBook (£3.00)

The Joy of Sets Vol.2 - eBook (£3.00)

The Joy of Sets Vol.3 - eBook (£3.00)

The Joy of Sets Vol.4 - eBook (£3.00)

The Scottish Slow Session
Scottish session tunes arranged in sets.
Scottish Slow Session The Scottish Slow Session Vol.1 (£4.00)

The Scottish Slow Session Vol.2 (£4.00)

 eBooks (digital download, PDF format) :
Scottish Slow Session Vol.1 - eBook (£3.00) A5 PDF format

Scottish Slow Session Vol.2 - eBook (£3.00) A5 PDF format

Traditional English Dance Music
Nigel Gatherer's selection of English dance tunes.
English Dance Tunes Traditional English Dance Music (£4.00)

Traditional English Dance Music eBook (£3.00)
A5 PDF format

Bonnie Strathearn
Songs and Music of Crieff and Strathearn.
Bonnie Strathearn Bonnie Strathearn (£5.00)

Bonnie Strathearn - eBook (£3.00)
A5 PDF format

Gatherer's First Collection
Original compositions in a traditional style.
Nigel Gatherer's First Collection Nigel Gatherer's First Collection (£4.00)

Gatherer's First Collection - eBook (£3.00)

Nigel Gatherer's Mandolin Chords - A Simple Guide
Chord families explained.
Mandolin Chordbook Nigel Gatherer's Mandolin Chords (£3.50)

Mandolin Chords - eBook (£3.00)

Nigel Gatherer's Old Time Music
American string band tunes.
Old Time Music Nigel Gatherer's Old Time Music (£4.00)

Old Time Music - eBook (£3.00)

Nigel Gatherer's Old Time Music (tab version) (£3.00) eBook download only

Gatherer's Musical Museum
Great tunes. Unusual tunes. Rare tunes.
Gatherer's Musical Museum Gatherer's Musical Museum (£4.00)

Manx Traditional Music for Sessions
60 tunes from the Isle of Man in sets with an introduction to Manx traditional music.
Bonnie Strathearn Manx Traditional Music Music (£12.00)

Beginning to Read Music
A guide for traditional musicians by Sarah Northcott.
Bonnie Strathearn Beginning to Read Music (£5.00)

The Slow Session Book
Some good tunes for sessions.
Slow Session Book Slow Session Book - eBook (£1.50)
eBook download only

Slow Session Book - Print Version (£1.50)
eBook download only

(The "Print Version" is arranged for making up a physical book on your desktop printer.)
Nigel's Notebooks Series
Nine hundred tunes collected by Nigel Gatherer over the years.
Nigel's Notebooks Nigel's Notebooks No.1 (£3.00)

Nigel's Notebooks No.2 (£3.00)

Nigel's Notebooks No.3 (£3.00)

Nigel's Notebooks No.4 (£3.00)

Nigel's Notebooks No.5 (£3.00)

Nigel's Notebooks No.6 (£3.00)

Nigel's Notebooks No.7 (£3.00)

Nigel's Notebooks No.8 (£3.00)

Nigel's Notebooks No.9 (£3.00)

The Legacy
A collection of good tunes.
The Legacy The Legacy (£1.50)
eBook download only

Tunebook Index
An index of the tunes in the Joy of Sets books.
Tunebook Index Tunebook Index (free)
eBook download only
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