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Music Resources

Welcome to Nigel Gatherer's Music Resources page. The items listed here are to help learning and research in Scottish traditional music, from tutorials and lessons to reviews and essays. I hope you find it useful - email me with any comments, suggestions or criticisms.

Nigel Gatherer


Tutorials etc

  • The Scottish Mandolin
    Mandolin Lessons, Tunes and Tutorials. Step-by-step guides through your first few lessons on the mandolin, with other articles, exercises and tips, historical information and tunes in mandolin tablature.
  • The Scottish Whistle
    Penny Whistle Tutorials, historical information,etc. Also step-by-step guide through your first few lessons on the whistle, with other articles, exercises and tips.
  • The Scottish Session
    Some hints and tips about playing in sessions, repertoire, etiquette, and info about Nigel's Slow Session in Edinburgh.

Sheet Music & Soundfiles

Essays & Reviews

Information on Scottish Musicians & Folk Groups

Information on Tune Collections

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