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William Hannah 78s

William Hannah 78s

William Hannah (1891-1961) was from Blackburn, some 20 miles west of Edinburgh. A postman by trade, he was also an influential melodeon player and band leader, releasing over a hundred commercial recordings in solo, duet, trio and band formats. His five-piece band was popular, and included melodeon, fiddle, drums, piano and trumpet, pre-echoing Jim Cameron's Band of later years. This compilation is from recordings in my own collection.

Available as a downloadable MP3 album.


  1. Eightsome Reel: Unknown Reels
  2. Highland Waltz: Leezie Lindsay/Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden/Skye Boat Song
  3. Circassian Circle: Circassian Circle/74th's Farewell/Pibroch of Donal Dhu
  4. Dashing White Sergeant: Original/Kenmure's On An' Awa'/Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre
  5. Foursome Reel: Duncan Davidson/Soldier's Joy/Lord Lyndoch/The Fairy Dance
  6. The Duke of Perth: Original/Staten Island/Old Grey Cat/Good Night an' Joy Be Wi Ye A'
  7. Reels: Flowers of Edinburgh/Lochleven Castle/Teetotaller
  8. Scottish Reform: Original/Stool of Repentance/March of Donald of the Isles to the Battle of Harlaw/Unknown Jig
  9. Dundee Reel: Bonnets o' Bonnie Dundee/100 Pipers/Rock and Wee Pickle Tow/Unknown Jig
  10. The Boston Two-Step
  11. St Bernard's Waltz: Little Annie Rooney/Peggy O'Neill/Molly O'Morgan/Maggie Murphy's Home
  12. Canadian Three-Step (William Hannah)
  13. Celine Waltz (William Hannah)
  14. Jigs: Lady Mary Douglas/Biddy the Bowl Wife/Roaring Jelly/Unknown Jig
  15. Schottisches: Glasgow Highlanders/Unknown Schottisches
  16. Marches: Inverness Gathering/Athole Highlanders
Published: Oct 2010
Tracks: 16
Price: £4.00
William Hannah 78s
£4.00 • MP3 Download

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