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William McCulloch Vol.2

William McCulloch Vol.2

William McCulloch was of Highland descent, but lived in Paisley all his life. At one time he wanted to be a lawyer, but instead he worked in the local Parish Council, collecting rates. In his spare time he was interested in amateur dramatics and opera, appearing in a number of comic roles (he was principal comedian with the Glasgow Orpheus Club).

After leaving the Parish Council, McCulloch became a professional entertainer, and for twenty five years he travelled throughout Scotland and beyond, reciting his monologues to hugely appreciative audiences. The monologues were also popular when released on 78rpm records. All the monologues on this album are from my personal collection of McCulloch records. TheyŐre not perfect recordings, but in the absence of anything else, they give us the chance to hear these well-loved and long-unavailable gems from a bygone age.

Now ONLY available as a downloadable MP3 album.


  1. At the Hospital
  2. At the Pantomime
  3. The Family Album
  4. PittinŐ On the Cries
  5. The BaunŐ Practice
  6. The Picnic Outing
  7. Why the Town Went Dry
  8. Peter At the Pictures
  9. Through the Flood
  10. All for Music
Published: June 2010
Tracks: 10
Price: £4.00
William McCulloch
Volume 2

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