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William McCulloch - Classic Scots Monologues

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Traditional Music
Compiled by Nigel Gatherer
Published by The Pigpipe Recordings, 2004
CD format, 11 tracks

McCulloch CD1Nigel Gatherer developed a love of the Scots monlogue as a child listening to his father's three William McCulloch 78s. In adulthood he started collecting other records, building up a fair collection. Two years ago he issued a cassette of some of these records, and now he has prepared the recordings further for a CD issue.

This first CD contains the following monologues:
A Clachanstoorie Story; When Agnes Got Married; Agnes Has a Surprise Party; The Presentation of Prizes; The Bluebell Chasers F.C. Annual Meeting; At the Pantomime; The Chairman‘s Remarks; Old Soldiers Never Lie; The Deputation to the Minister; The Provost; Grandfather Tells the Children About David and Goliath

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