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Old Time Workshops Tunebook

Old Time Workshops Tunebook

I was introduced to American old time music during the 1970s when I was a teenager in Edinburgh. At that time there was a small but enthusiastic group of musicians playing this wonderful music, and it started a lifelong passion. Since then I have conducted a number of workshops exploring this music, and spreading the word. Contained within this book are some of the tunes and songs I have used over the years in these workshops, and it is my hope that they will inspire you to play seek out more. Enjoy the collection, enjoy the music.

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  • A & F Reel
  • All Around the Mountain
  • Baldheaded End of the Broom
  • Barlow Knife
  • Betty Likens
  • Big Bend Gals
  • Billy in the Lowground
  • Booth Shot Lincoln
  • Chitlin' Cookin' Time
  • Coon Dog
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • Cuffy
  • Down In Little Egypt
  • Dry and Dusty
  • Eighth of January
  • Ever See a Devil, Uncle Joe?
  • Feed My Horse on Corn & Hay
  • Fiddler's Dram
  • Flop-Eared Mule
  • Frosty Morning
  • Goodbye Sweet Liza Jane
  • Gum Tree Canoe
  • Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
  • Hog-Eyed Man
  • I Got a Gal in Baltimore
  • If the River was Whiskey
  • Kiss Me Waltz
  • Leather Breeches
  • Likes Likker Better Than Me
  • Little Liza Jane I
  • Little Liza Jane II
  • Little Liza Jane III
  • Lop-Eared Mule
  • Memories
  • Moving Day
  • Muddy Roads
  • Muskrat Rag I
  • Muskrat Rag II
  • Needlecase
  • Old Molly Hare I (G)
  • Old Molly Hare II (D)
  • Old Molly Hare III (D)
  • Old Time Billy
  • Peek-a-Boo Waltz
  • Rock the Cradle Joe
  • Sachell's Waltz
  • Salt River
  • Soldier's Joy
  • Taylor's Quickstep
  • Tiddle Took Todfish
  • Wagoner One-Step
  • Walking in the Parlour I
  • Wednesday Night Waltz
  • West Fork Girls
Published: June 2015
Pages: 44
Tunes: 54
Price: £2.50
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Old Time Workshops Tunebook

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