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Nigel's Notebook 7

Nigel Gatherer's Notebook No.7

For as long as I can remember, I have collected music from many sources, and kept notebooks full of tunes transcribed from other players, records, books and manuscripts. There are currently twenty manuscript books filled with these transcriptions, and I'm now making this body of work available to other students of traditional reels, hornpipes, jigs, strathspeys, airs, etc in an easily readable, downloadable PDF format.


All Around the World Ashplant, The
Auld Rattray
Balkan Hills, The
Bastringue, La
Battle Hymn of the Republic, The
Belles of Tipperary, The
Belles of Tipperary, The
Bennachie Sunrise
Billy In the Lowground
Blackberry Rag
Bodachan ar-i-ar-o
Bonnie Brier Bush, The
Braes Aboon Bonaw, The
Braes of Auchtertyre, The
Breton Tune
Brig, Da
Ca the Yowes
Calton Weaver
Nancy Whisky
Calum Beg
Christ Church
Coleman's Cross
Cooley's Reel
Danny Boy
Eagle's Whistle, The
Earl of Breadalbane's Hermitage, The
Eight Men of Moidart
Fear a Bhois Fada Gun Phosadh
Fill o-ro (Lewis version)
Frank's Reel
Gae Bring to Me a Pint o' Wine
Garster's Dream
Great Is the Cause of My Sorrow
Murt Ghlinne Comhann
The Lament for Glencoe
Hame, Hame, Hame
Happy We've Been A' Thegither
Haughs of Cromdale, The
High Reel, The
Highland Widow's Lament, The
Highlandman Kissed His Mother
Introduction and Interlude
Johnnie Cope (Em)
Johnnie Cope (Gm)
Johnnie Cope - harmony 1
Johnnie Cope - harmony 2
Johnny Will You Marry Me?
Johnny Won't You Marry Me?
The Braes o' Mar
Josephine Marsh's
The Cobbler
Kelso Hiring Fair
Knock, The
La Trinite
Logans Bonnie Woods and Braes
Lord Drummond
MacEwan's Barn
Margaret Brown's Favorite Jig
Marquis of Tullybardine, The
Mary Morison
Mary Young and Fair
Mairi Bhan Og
Mary Young and Fair - harmony 2
Miss McPherson Grant's Jig - of Ballindalloch
Muskrat Ramble
Negro Breakdown I
Negro Breakdown II
Negro Breakdown III
Niel Gow's Wife
Banjo Breakdown
Negro Jig
Negro Melody
Negro Sand Jig I
Nuala's Jig
O Mother What Shall I Do
Oot Be Est da Vong
Oovie Avie
Mairi's Wedding
Out On the Ocean
Queen's Welcome to Invercauld
Ready Penny, The
Return from Fingal
Richard Brennan's Favorite
Rolling In the Rye Grass
Rope Waltz, The (2)
Rory Dall's Sister's Lament
Sabhal Iain 'Ic Uisdean
Sandy Duff
Seallaibh Curaidh Eoghainn
Ewan's Coracle
Shetland Fiddler, The
Short Coated Mary
Skye Glen Waltz
St Patrick's Cathedral
Stool of Repentance, The
Stronsay Waltz, The
Sugarfoot Rag
Sunset On Skaill
Sweet Molly
Hopetoun House
Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Gang
Todlen Hame
My Ain Fireside
Top of Balvenie, The
Uncle's Jig
Victoria Waltz
Watchmaker, The
When the Battle Is O'er
Wise Maid, The
Published: Aug 2013
Pages: 60
Tunes: 100
Price: £2.00
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