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Nigel's Notebook 5

Nigel Gatherer's Notebook No.5

For as long as I can remember, I have collected music from many sources, and kept notebooks full of tunes transcribed from other players, records, books and manuscripts. There are currently twenty manuscript books filled with these transcriptions, and I'm now making this body of work available to other students of traditional reels, hornpipes, jigs, strathspeys, airs, etc in an easily readable, downloadable PDF format.


79th's Farewell to Gibraltar
A Man's a Man for A' That
Afton Water
Angus Polka No.1
Angus Polka No.2
Baker, The
Barnyards o' Delgaty, The
Behind the Bush in the Garden
Bonaparte's Retreat
Bonnie Galloway
Burning of the Piper's Hut, The
Caber Feigh
Coachman's Whip, The
Comin' Thro' the Rye
Deerness Jig, The
Donegal Barn Dance
Donegal Lass, The
Down In the Glen
Drowsy Maggie
Duke of Perth
Duke of Perth
Duke of Perth
Egan's Polka 1
Egan's Polka 2
Farewell to Fiunary
Ferry Reel, Da
Four Provinces Flings #2
Four Provinces Flings #3
Frank Gilruth
Gael, The I
Gael, The II
Glencoe Village Hall
Green Grow the Rashes-O
He mandu 's truagh nach digeadh
Here Awa', There Awa'
Hey Ca' Through
Hughie Jim Paris
I'll Tell Me Ma
Irregular Rhythm Exercise
James F Dickie
Jessie Smith
John McNeill's Highland Fling
Johnny McIljohn's No.1
Johnny McIljohn's No.2
Johnny Will You Marry Me
Lad o' Byrne's
Lady Madelina Sinclair
Lady Mary Ramsay's Reel
Logan Water
Lord Macdonald's Reel
Louis's Waltz
Lucky Scap
Major Malley's March
Major Malley's Reel
Major Malley's Reel
Man With Two Women, The
Mason's Apron, The
Meg Merrilees
Michael's Mazurka
Midwinter Waltz, A
Mirlands Polka
Mrs General Maxwell
Mrs Gordon's Favourite
Mursheen Durkin
My Ain Kind Dearie, O
My Heart's In the Highlands
My Lily
My Nannie's Awa'
New Brig o' Dee, The
Old French
Over the Sea to Skye
Pinch of Snuff, The
Rakes of Mallow, The
Ryan's Polka
Scapa Flow
Scattery Island Slide, The
Scots Wha Hae
Si Beag Si Mhor
Spanish Lady
Summertime 1
Summertime 2
Sweetness of Mary, The
Tidy Girleen, The
Tor Reid Hornpipe
Tribute to the Queen
Tune in D
Turkish 7/8
Unfinished Journey
Unst Bridal March
Valse Eccossaise
Waves of Tory
West's Hornpipe
Wha Wadna fecht for Charlie?
Wild Mountain Thyme
Willie Davie
Ye Banks and Braes
Yellow Haired Laddie, The
10 Fiddle, The
Published: June 2010
Pages: 50
Tunes: 100
Price: £2.00
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