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Nigel's Notebook 3

Nigel Gatherer's Notebook No.3

For as long as I can remember, I have collected music from many sources, and kept notebooks full of tunes transcribed from other players, records, books and manuscripts. There are currently twenty manuscript books filled with these transcriptions, and I'm now making this body of work available to other students of traditional reels, hornpipes, jigs, strathspeys, airs, etc in an easily readable, downloadable PDF format.


Air for New York
Andy Dejarlis Jig
Apprentice Lads of Alnwick, The
Arthur Darley's
Atholl Braes #1
Atholl Braes #2
Auld Gudeman, The
Billy Ballantine's Reel
Boganuadh, The
Bonawe Highlanders, The
Bonnie Kate
Bottom of the Punchbowl, The
Bramley Brae
Britches Full of Stitches
Brumley Brae, The
C K Sharpe Esq Favourite
Caledonian Laddie
Captain Campbell
Casey's Pig
Cavan Reel, The
Chicago Reel
Clean Pea Strae
Crieff Fair
Donald's Awa Tae the War
Double Jig
Dumbarton Drums
Fisherman's Lilt, The
Fitzmaurice's Polka
Flanagan's Jig
Francis T Robertson
Frank Gilruth
French Canadian Reel
Gander In the Pratie Hole
Gatehouse Maid, The
Gay Gordons, The
Grande Chaine, La
Highlander's Jig
Irish Lilt, An
Irish Reel II
Irish Reel III
Irish Reel IV
J B Milne
Jack Wilson
Jig in A
Jig in G
Jig Runrig, The
Jump At the Sun
Kail an Knockit Coarn
Lay Dee At Dee
Little Pickle
Loch Ordie
Lochaber No More
Lord Breadalbane's March
Madam Frederick
Maids of Tulla, The
McKenzie Highlanders
Mill, Da
Miss Grace Hay's Delight
Miss Spence's Reel
Miss Wharton Duff
Morning Star, The
Mrs Charles Menteath of Clofa Burn's Jig
Mrs Crawford
Mrs Gordon's Favourite
Mrs Oliphant of Condie's
Mrs Ramsay of Barnton
Off to Puck Fair
Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark
Orcadian Waltz
Pheasant's Dance
Quince Dillon's High D
Reel On Mandolin
Rolling Wave, The
Rope Waltz, The
Rory O' More
Rothiemuchus Rant
Rustic Reel
Saddle the Pony
Sailor's Wife, The
Scott Skinner' Rockin' Step
Seamus O'Brien
Sir Adam Ferguson's Reel
Slip Jig
Sporting Paddy
Star o' Robbie Burns, The
Star of Munster, The
Star of the County Down, The
Stormont Lads
Blackthorn Stick, The
Dublin Jig, The
Thrush In the Straw
Traditional Reel In G
Untitled Jig
Willie Taylor's Fiddle
Published: June 2010
Pages: 50
Tunes: 100
Price: £2.00
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