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Nigel Gatherer's Own Compositions

I've always composed music, and some of my tunes have been played in sessions, recorded on CDs and used in teaching purposes. In response to many requests, I have now compiled many of these tunes into two publications, the grandly named Nigel Gatherer's First Collection of Reels, Jigs, Strathspeys, Marches, Airs, Polkas and Waltzes, and Nigel Gatherer's Second Collection etc, etc. I hope that my understanding and love of the idiom has meant that my tunes fit very much into the tradition - but that's not for me to judge.

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Nigel Gatherer's First Collection

Scottish Slow Session 1

Published: March 2012
Pages: 20
Tunes: 37
Size: A5

Print version £5.00
plus P&P

Digital version £3.50
PDF Format


 Tunes in Gatherer's First Collection:

  • Air for America
  • Air for Linda
  • Alan Shute's Jig
  • Alison & Iwan's Wedding Waltz
  • Alligan Burn
  • Anna-Wendy's Jig
  • Auchindrain
  • Ballintra House
  • Bass Rock Hermit
  • Bill & Morag's Waltz
  • Braid Burn Waltz
  • Cas-Chrom, The
  • Compliments to Finlay Allison
  • Cowan Road
  • Crowe's Nest
  • Crown At Portpatrick
  • East Parkside
  • Gorgie Farm
  • Innerpeffray Chapel
  • John Carmichael's Welcome
  • Johnny Cradden's Reel
  • Jonesy's Jig
  • June's Reel
  • Knock, The
  • Lewis's Air
  • London's Big
  • Morag Turner's Reel
  • My Beautiful Mandolin Friend
  • Nuala's Jig
  • Rusty Nail
  • Sandy Gatherer's Jig
  • Seonaid Lynn's Reel
  • Soggy Path, The
  • Stairhead Critics
  • Water Wynd
  • Weaver, The
  • Wistfulness
For more information about the tunes in the book, click here

Nigel Gatherer's Second Collection

Scottish Slow Session 2

Published: March 2019
Pages: 20
Tunes: 40
Size: A5

Print version £5.00
plus P&P


Digital version £3.50
PDF Format


 Tunes in Volume Two:

  • John McGregor of Ochtertyre
  • Kevin MacLeod's
  • Laval's Welcome
  • Leslie's Bar
  • Liberton Inn
  • MacRosty Park Bandstand
  • Mairi Robertson's
  • March of the GFW
  • Miss J Ludriecus
  • North Queensferry
  • Rebecca Knorr's Birthday
  • Scratchy Noises Jig
  • Scratchy Noises Polka
  • Shepherd of Glenartney
  • St Giles' Cathedral
  • Time for a Tunnock's
  • Turleum
  • Wee Jan, The
  • Whirlwind, The
  • Will Ye Nocht Dreed
For more information about the tunes in the book, click here
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