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Gatherer's Musical Museum

Gatherer's Musical Museum

As interest in traditional music increases, Nigel Gatherer has compiled this delightful selection of Scottish dance music and airs, which brings together some of the more unusual Scottish melodies in distinct and uncluttered settings. Whether it is the sophisticated reels of the nineteenth century, the Strathspeys which evoke feelings of passion, the slow airs, or the Highland pipe marches, these tunes will be enjoyed by all players of traditional music.

For more information about the tunes and the sources in the book, click here.

  • Adew Dundee
  • The Balkan Hills
  • The Banks of Spey
  • Banarach Donnach Rhuidh
  • The Battle of the Somme
  • The Black Eyed Lassie
  • The Blue Eyed Lassie
  • Bonnie Charlie
  • Bonnie Strathmore
  • The Bottle Bank
  • The Bridegroom Greits
  • Buckingham House
  • Ca' the Stirks Frae Out the Corn
  • Caledonian Laddie
  • Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle
  • Col. Ridley's
  • Daffy Don't You
  • Dr Keith
  • The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside
  • The Duke of Sutherland
  • The Dundee Hornpipe
  • Edinburgh Jigg
  • Excelsior
  • Factory Smoke
  • The Fiddler's Joy
  • Francis Sitwell
  • Fye, Gar Rub Her O'er Wi' Strae
  • The Gates of Edinburgh
  • The Glasgow Hornpipe
  • Glenlivet
  • Go to Berwick Johnnie
  • The Grand Antiquity
  • Greenwoodside
  • Hamilton Races
  • The Hare Amang the Heather
  • Here's to All Around Ardmillan
  • Hey Ca' Through
  • The Highland Boat Song
  • The Highway to Edinburgh
  • The Hills of Glenorchy
  • The Highlander's Farewell
  • Hoddam Castle
  • The Hon James Ramsey
  • Honeyman's
  • The House of Glamis
  • The Humours of Glasgow Fair
  • Jeannie Ainslie's Shoetapper
  • John Paterson's Mare
  • Johnny Cope
  • Johnny's Trip to France
  • Jumpers
  • Lads of Leith
  • Lady Beatrice Hamilton
  • Lady Louisa Cornwallis's
  • Lady Wemyss
  • Leslie
  • Leslie's March
  • Lord Balgownie's Favourite
  • Macdonald's March to the Wars
  • The Mason's Apron
  • Miss Barbara Cunningham
  • Miss Brown's Favourite
  • Miss Campbell of Saddell
  • Miss Falconer
  • Miss Graham
  • Miss Isaac Forsyth
  • Miss Jessie Scott
  • Miss Mary Macdonald's
  • Miss Marianne Oliphant
  • Miss Sharpe's Favourite
  • Miss Susan Gordon
  • Mr George Forbes Junior
  • Mrs Charles Menteath, Clofaburn
  • Mrs Dundas of Arniston
  • The New Brig of Glasgow
  • New Claret
  • Old Man at the Dyke
  • The Piper's Bonnet
  • The Piper's Maggot
  • Port Patrick
  • Princess Augusta
  • The Rashes
  • The Red Plaid
  • Salmon Tails Up the Water
  • Sheep Shanks
  • Sour Plums in Galashiels
  • The St Kilda Reel
  • Thief of Lochaber
  • Toddlin' Hame
  • Twine Weel the Plaiden
  • Two Furlongs from Edinburgh
  • The Wee Wee German Lairdie
  • The West End
  • Willie Duncan
  • The Yellow Haired Laddie

Published: 1987
Pages: A5, 48pp
Tunes: 97
Price: £5.00
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