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The Legacy

Details of the Tunes and Sources in The Legacy (2011)

  1. Lasses of Hawick This tune was learned from friends who got it from one of the many Strathspey & Reel Societies in Scotland.
  2. Miss Johnstone of Hilton's Fancy First published in Gow's Third Collection (1792). Composed by Nathaniel Gow, the original is in Eb; this version has been amended for dancing.
  3. Lachlan Dubh, translated as Black Lachlan, or Lachlan with the Jet Black Hair, was collected by Captain Simon Fraser and published in 1815. Like so many of Fraser's collected airs, there was once Gaelic verses sung to this.
  4. Sward House From Kohler's Violin Repository Bk. 1 (1881)
  5. Lasses o' Melrose This jig is in Aird's Collection as The Lasses of Melross. Brendan Breatnach points out the similarity between this jig and Coppers & Brass, also known as The Humours of Ennistymon.
  6. The Lady's Plaything First published in Aird's Collection as General Howe's March.
  7. The Tailor's Shirt Originally from the McFarlane fiddle manduscript (1740)
  8. The Hare Among the Corn Included in a number of early Scottish fiddle mss and printed collections, this tune is "probably a very ancient one" (David Johnson)
  9. Mrs McGee (a) John Riddell was a blind fiddler and composer from Ayrshire. This was published in his own collection of tunes (c1766)
  10. Mrs McGee (b) This modern version of the preceding jig is played in Cape Breton and Ireland. The key has changed from E minor to G major.
  11. Scots Jig This jig was learned from Johnny Cradden, an Ulsterman living in Edinburgh. It is a variant of The Hills of Glenorchy.
  12. The British Hero From The Piper's Assistant (1877), a great source of Scottish pipe music.
  13. Miss Margaret McLachlan Also taken from The Piper's Assistant.
  14. The Soldier's Dance This is fairly common in Scotland, a favourite for dancing. It first appeared in print in the 1790s, and there is another variant called Hullichan's Jig.
  15. The Countess of Loudon From Robert Mackintosh's third collection of 1796.
  16. Ayr Races Composed by John Gow (1764-1826), youngest son of celebrated fiddler Niel Gow.
  17. What Should a Young Lassie An old Scots song, What Can a Young Lassie Dae Wi' a Auld Man?, this tune appeared in the Scots Musical Museum and in Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion.
  18. Hoop Her and Gird Her From Gow's Fourth Collection (1800)
  19. Lassies o' Dunse First published in Rutherford's Collection (1750).
  20. The Merry Harriers From Lowe's Collection (1844). More recently this jig has been popular under the title The Tipsy Sailor.
  21. Bab At the Bowster From Kohler's Violin Repository. Earliest published version dates from c.1782 (Aird's Vol.1)
  22. James Soutar of Plains From Kohler's Violin Repository.
  23. Mayen House From Alexander Walker's 1874 collection.
  24. The Legacy First printed in 19th century fiddle collections.
  25. Mr James Boswell's Jig Originally from John French's 1801 collection.
  26. I Love My Love for She Loves Me From the Gow collections
  27. The Farr-Away Wedding From the Gow collections.
  28. None Left At Home But Wife and Bairn Source forgotten.
  29. Drink the Worts and Spill the Beer From The Piper's Assistant.
  30. Brumley Brae Composed by William MacPherson of Elgin (d.1974)
  31. The New Kelvin Bridge From Flowers of Scottish Melody (1930)
  32. Blair Athole From Kerr's Merry Melodies Bk.3 (c1978)
  33. Swiss Cottage (Ballindalloch) Published in Charles Grant's posthumous collection. Mr Lindsay Source forgotten.
  34. Lady Mary Stopford My version of a reel from Kerr's Merry Melodies.
  35. The Bridge of Foss From The Piper's Assistant. The bridge in question is near the Western end of Loch Tummell in Perthshire.
  36. The St Kilda Wedding Originally published in Fraser's 1815 collection.
  37. The Bride's Reel Composed by James Scott Skinner, this is my version of this great reel.
  38. I Wish You Would Marry Me Now I probably got this originally from Kerr's Merry Melodies.
  39. Miss Susan Campbell Monzies Another one from Kerr's Merry Melodies.
  40. The Duke of Montrose As played by the late Ron Gonnella of Dundee.
  41. John Howatt's Reel Originally from Kerr's Merry Melodies, this transcription is from the Canadian fiddler Joseph Cormier's playing.
  42. Francis T Robertson I learned this from friends in the early 1990s. I have tried to find out more about it since, without success.
  43. The Braes of Busby First published as a slow march in 1795, I've changed it from a 3-part strathspey into a 2-part reel.
  44. Atholl Braes I learned this reel from a Silly Wizard record. I know nothing more about it.
  45. Flowers of the Forest An unusual reel version of the well known melody, originally from the Gillespie manuscript.

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