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Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music: R

Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music

Formed in 1972 by Freida Morrison (guitar, vocals), Neil Munro (guitar, mandolin), Trevor St John (bass, ex-Bonzo Dog Band), and Alex "Ziggy" Slater (piano, ex-My Dear Watson).
Rankin File
Edinburgh group Rankin File were Iain Rankin (guitar, vocals), Tony Mitchell (guitar), and Rick Nickerson (bass). Founded by famed songwriter Iain Rankin in Canada, the group had been "on the road for just over three years" (March '72), and promptly split.
Reivers, The
Came together in 1958 under the direction of Norman Buchan to appear on the television show Jigtime, and stayed with the show for 40 weeks. Enoch Kent (guitar, vocals) went on to a solo career, as did Josh MacRae (guitar, vocals). Other members were Rena Swankie (guitar, vocals) - about whom I'm afraid I know nothing - and Moyna Gardner (vocals), who is alive a well and living in Glasgow; after The Reivers, Moyna pursued a family life rather than a professional music career. They released an EP, 'The Work of the Reivers' in 1959 on the Top Rank label.
Reivers Galley
Three members of the Lallans Folk Group - David Wright, Jim Nicholson and John MacKellar - later formed Reivers Galley and were successful during the 1970s, playing with all the major folk acts of the day.
Robertson, Alan
One of the first members of Newport and Wormit Folk Club. Resident there from the start (1969). Formed The Haven with Stuart Masson, performing manily contemporary songs, with some originals written by Stuart.

Rambling Pitchfork, The
Split in the summer of 1969. One member, Eddie McNaughton, a familiar face round the Angus and Fife folk clubs, played in a number of bands, including The Edinburgh Jacobites.
Sutherland-based duo of the late 1980s/early 1990s. Jim McIntyre and Martin Shough played guitars, banjo, whistles, and bodhran, and sang standard folk fare (Bogle, Gaughan, Makem, etc) with some self-penned pieces. View their discography.
Rebels, The
Well known in the East Fife area, dates unknown. Drummer Raymond Gatherum still performs.
Rowans, The
An Edinburgh-based group from the early 1970s.
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Last update: 16th February 2015

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