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Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music: Q

Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music

Quern, The
Based in Linlithgow, The Quern was formed in 1984 to promote Scottish culture and help charities with fund-raising. They have released a number of albums and devised several themed shows on such subjects as Burns, The Ettrick Shepherd, RL Stevenson, etc. Included in their line up have been Wallace Lockhart (mandolin, fiddle, concertina), Helen Lockhart (fiddle), Amy Donaldson (accordion), Sheonagh Donaldson, Ronnie Hobson, David Lunt (flute), Morag Sidall, Elaine Struthers, Jim Sim (rhythm), Roy Benson (vocals) Gabrielle Kuhn (fiddle), Jim Laing (fiddle), Bill Sinclair (guitar), Molly Sinclair (accordion), Deonaid Wilson (fiddle) and Connie Park (vocals).

Quigg, Stephen
Recorded a cassette album in 1991, "All the Tunes in the World" on which he sang some Scottish standard folksongs and newer songs by Ewan McVicar, Ewan MacColl, Jim Douglas etc. Helped on that recording by his friends The McCalmans.
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