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Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music: N

Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music

Natural Acoustic Band
This Glasgow-based group were Krysia Kocjan (vocals), Tom Hoy (guitar, vocals), Richard Coakley (double bass, clarinet) and Robin Thyne (banjo, guitar, wind instruments, vocals). They described themselves as "folk/jazz" They released two albums in the early 1970s after which Krysia went solo, and Tom and Robin went to the band Magna Carta. Krysia died of lung cancer in 2007. Her husband Rob wrote about her here.
Nova Scotia
This Glasgow-based group existed in 1972; apart from that, I know nothing about them.

Newcomers The only thing I know about this group was that they were involved in SNP Folk, an LP of folk songs published by the Midlothian Constituency of the Scottish National Party. No date on the record or sleeve, but I'd guess it was released in about 1966/7.
Fraser Nimmo
This Dundonian singer was on television and radio fairly often in the early 1970s. He was originally inspired by seeing The Inn Folk in 1968, and was encouraged by them to keep playing, and by '69 and '70 he was becoming a regular at the Edinburgh Festival. Fraser sings and plays guitar, banjo and harmonica, and occasionally sang in a duet with Johnny Ballad (Watt Nicoll's nephew), and also with Craig Gilbert. He moved to London, where he performed full-time for 30 years, the highlight of which was opening for Fairport Convention on their 35-date 30th anniversary tour. On that he had the pleasure of working with Ralph McTell, another boyhood hero. He has recently returned to Scotland and will be gigging based from his new Perthshire home. Fraser has a website:
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Last update: 16th June 2012

Any further information about any of the groups mentioned on these pages would be appreciated (email Nigel Gatherer)

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