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Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music: L

Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music

Laggan, The Well respected group of the early 1970s consisting of Arthur Johnstone, Billy Paton, Tony Paton and John McDermott. Disbanded after their "I Am the Common Man" LP. Discography.
Lallans This group were involved in SNP Folk, an LP of folk songs published by the Midlothian Constituency of the Scottish National Party. The group consisted of David Wright from East Calder, and Christine Hay, John MacKellar and Jim Nicholson, all from Midcalder. David has lived on Lewis since the mid 1990s, while the other three reside in the Livingston area. After Christine left the group reformed with David, John, Jim and other members, calling themselves Reivers Galley, who were fairly successful during the 1970s. A later incarnation went under the name Cauther Fair. There is no date on the SNP Folk record or sleeve, but I'd guess it was released in about 1966/7.
Lave, The
A duo from Girvan - Tommy Truesdale and Bobby Robb - who performed in the 1960s. They both were members of the group The Cottars, and Bobby Robb released a solo album of folk songs within the past few years.
Laverty, Jim
Jim Laverty started his folksinging career busking in Paris at about the same time as Alex Campbell, while he also went hostelling with Jimmie Macgregor. By 1969 he was back in Dundee studying engineering and performing occasionally in folk clubs.

Lowland Folk
Dundee-based folk group centered around Stewart Brown, his wife Ann Brown and his brother Ramsay Brown. Recorded from the 1960s onwards. Discography.
1983: This 3-piece group released an album on Celtic Music. The line-up was Billy Ormiston (vocals, mandola, mandolin, whistle, guitar), Gibb Todd (vocals, banjo, guitar) and Calum MacAulay (accordion, Highland pipes, keyboards). Billy is a well respected maker of flutes, while Gibb Todd, a former member of The Kerries forged a successful solo career. Discography.
Lochies, The
The Lochies were a Gaelic folk group who I think recorded at least two albums. One was "Westerly Gaels" (Bluebell Records BBR/C 107, 1978).
Locrian Mode, The
1972: An Arbroath group comprising Andy Webster, Janet Perkins(who used to be Andy & Janet), Trevor Williamson, and Nick Hunter.
Lomond Folk
Mid 1970s: Glasgow-based duo comprising Robin Campbell and Donald Brown. Released at least two albums - see their discography.
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Last update: 11th April 2012

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