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Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music: K

Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music

Keynotes, The
This vocal group released an EP, Scotland Forever, with another group, The Stargazers. No date is given on the record.
Killies, The
Alan Thomson (guitar, tin whistle), Doug Carrie (guitar, harmonica, whistle) and Alan Grant (mandolin) were all from Dundee, and chose their name after their favourite song, The Braes o' Killiecrankie. They performed mainly Scottish, Irish and American material and played in local folk clubs in the late 1960s. Doug Carrie also occasionally performed with singer Heather McKenzie. The group had split by 1970.
Kilts 'n' Co-op Sandals
Formed by Alison Duncan (who started the Dunoon Folk Club in the late 1970s) when she was asked to do a Fringe show. She recruited local songwriter Iain Ingram (best known for his song Annie McKelvie), Iain Williams and Malcolm Currie. After the Edinburgh shows they got a few gigs and made a cassette, and featured on Archie Fisher's 'Parade' series for Radio Tweed. Iain Williams died a few years ago; Malcolm Currie moved on; Alison Duncan still lives in Dunoon and Iain Ingram lives in Bearsden, still writing songs and doing a little performing. Ingram made a CD a couple of years ago, Words o Fiction.
Kirriedees, The
1972: A duo from Aberdeen, The Kirriedees were students Sheila Cunningham and Chris McChelry.

were Tom Berry (bass guitar, guitar, electric piano, synthesiser, strings, vocals), and George Boag (vocals, 12 string guitar). In 1981 they were involved in a recording project with two other acts (including The Craven), releasing a single.
Kirrie Folk, The
Bill Flett and Ferg Ewart, as The Kirrie Folk, were regulars at the Newton Hotel in Kirriemuir, and were resident at the Forfar Folk Club during the late 1960s. They split in 1969 because "Playing at hotels every weekend was becoming just a little too much like work; we weren't enjoying it any more."
Kishmals Plankton
Danny Martin (guitar, banjo and mandolin), and Stan Davidson, regulars at the Abbey Folk Club in Arbroath, played as Kishmals Plankton in various folk clubs arouns Angus and beyond in the late 1960s.
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Last update: 1st Oct 2011

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