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Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music: J

Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music

Jacobites, The [Crieff]
I know almost nothing about this group, except that they existed in 1973.
Jacobites, The [Dundee]
First appearing in the spring of 1969, the Dundee Jacobites were Colin Cruikshank (clarinet, vocals), Sandy Meiklejohn (lead vocals), Bob Young (vocals, guitar) and Doug Christie (vocals).
Jacobites, The [North Fife]
Based around the talents of Dave Davidson (formerly of The Kingdom Folk and Dingly Dell), The Jacobites recorded at least two LPs in the early 1980s. The duo was completed by Brian Lochrie on the first LP and Gillian Murray on the second. See their discography.

Jacobites, The [Edinburgh]
See The Edinburgh Jacobites.
From Forfar, Justus were Malcolm McEwen (vocals, guitar, recorder, harmonica, fiddle, borann), John Richards (vocals, guitar, harmonica, clarinet) and Selby Cochrane (guitar, mandolin, concertina, tin whistle, borann) and made their debut at Forfar Folk Club in November 1971. Instruments include guitars, 12-string guitar, harmonica, borann and accordion.
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