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Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music: H

Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music

Harris Folk, The
The Harris Folk were Rona Monaghan (guitar, vocals), Graeme Cumming (vocals) and Jack Anderson (guitar, vocals), and took their name from the fact that they were all at Harris School in Dundee. Existed in 1969. Rona went on to solo performances, as well as appearing in a Grampian TV children's programme, Rumblie Jumblie and compering another Grampian folk series with Fraser Nimmo. She recorded an LP (as Rona Clarke) in 1975 called Utopian Dream which is now available on iTunes.
An Inverness-based group from 1972-ish specialising in 3-part harmonies, they have been likened to one of their main influences The McCalmans. They were Iain MacGillivray from Inverness, Gordy Kennedy and Dougie Taylor, both from Glasgow but at that time based in Aviemore. They lasted about eight months; MacGillivray - known professionally as mgill - had sung in duos with Dick Gaughan, Bobby Eaglesham, Chuck Fleming and Bill Smith, and went on to a solo career. He released on album that I know about: Rolling Home (1986).
Haven, The
From the Dundee/Newport/Wormit area, The Haven were Alan Robertson (guitar, vocals, banjo, harmonica, penny whistle) and Stuart Masson. Existed in 1969.
Hen's Teeth
1973: Hen's Teeth are Gus Foy, Arlene Storrier (nee Gowans), Mike Marra and Chris Marra.
Hewitt, Gilly
Gilly was born in Ayrshire on the banks of the River Doon, but went to live in Edinburgh as a student, where she was at one time "a leading light in the Edinburgh University Folk Song Society". I only know of one album release, "From Down tae Doon" (Jigs Music 001, 1987). As well as singing, she plays the 5-string banjo.

Hedgehog Pie
This folk-rock band from Aberdeen group consisted of Tony Duguid, Frank Robb and Ron Nicol and played self-penned material alongside covers such as Eagles hits. Tony now plays with the Epics Acoustic Band with John Barclay, Frank is an established singer/songwriter, while Ron plays in the Billy Shears Band which includes Ian Michael. Hedgehog Pie played two reunion concerts in 2005 in Aberdeen.
High Speed Grass
1971: From Fife, this group was a product of the famous Great Fife Road Show. Robin McKidd (lead vocals, guitar), Davie Craig, Tom Harvey. Rab Noakes was known to fill in on vocals occasionally. Robin McKidd later played with the Balham Alligators (as Robin Banks!) and The Honky Tonk Ceilidh Band (with fellow High Speed Grasser Davie Craig).
Honeyman, Les
Worked in groups such as Stash (from Perth) and Bitter Withy in the early 1970s. Les sadly died at a young age.
Hunter, Nick
From the Carnoustie area, Nick played Bert Jansch-type material and performed in the folk clubs of Dundee and Angus, Edinburgh and Banchory in 1968/9. Nick had a stint in the Arbroath "supergroup" Locrian Mode, and then in 1972 teamed up with Jamie Hutchison.
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Last update: 2nd Aug 2015

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