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Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music: A

Who's Who in Scottish Folk Music

Ailsa CraigAilsa Craig
Folk group from Calderbank (left). Entered the Scottish Folk Group Championship in 1970, and recorded two tracks on the resultant LP Folk Philosophy.

Alba Glasgow-based group from the 1970s. Line-up: Sean O'Rourke, Tony Cuffe, Allan MacLeod, Mike Ward. All participants were noted members of other bands, before and/or after this short-lived band. See the Alba discography.
Albanachs, The The only thing I know about this group was that they were involved in SNP Folk, an LP of folk songs published by the Midlothian Constituency of the Scottish National Party. No date on the record or sleeve, but I'd guess it was released in about 1966/7.
Alexian Folk were Edinburgh-based and consisted of Alex Sutherland and Ian Simpson. Ian was a friend of Iain "Mitch Mitchell" of The Galloways. Alexian Folk played in venues such as The Park Hotel during the early 1970s. Alex Sutherland and Bill Barclay also ran a booking agency for folk singers.
Anchor Folk Four, The
Neil Harvey (vocals), Sandy Dallas (guitar, vocals), Brian Hendry (guitar, vocals, harmonica) and Dave Fyffe (guitar, vocals) made up this Forfar-based outfit. They met each other at the Boys' Brigade (hence the anchor symbol), started playing together in 1968 and became regulars at the Forfar Folk Club. After the group split in July 1969, Brian and Dave went on to join Ian Lamb and Elaine Nicoll to become The Gowries. Brian continued to sing with Elaine as a duo after the Gowries split in the early 1970s.
Andy & Janet
Andy Webster and Janet Perkins performed as a duo round the folk clubs of Angus during the late 1960s, singing mainly traditional Scottish songs, and were both on the committee of the Abbey Folk Club, Arbroath. In the early 1970s they teamed up with Trevor Williamson and Nick Hunter to become The Locrian Mode.

Arbroath Reivers, The
Jim Hutchison, Ken Powrie and Chuck Johnson were the original Arbroath Reivers in the 1960s. Jim and Ken both developed solo acts in 1969.
Arizona Eggplant Arizona Eggplant
This Dundonian group were resident at the Roseley Hotel, Arbroath 3 nights a week in 1971. They were finalists in the 1970 Scottish Folk group Championships, and recorded on the winners' LP Folk Philosophy (more details). They changed their name to just Eggplant, but later changed it back. Lead singer was Willy McNally.
Auld Howff Band, The
This was one of the groups that Gordon Hotchkiss was involved with during the late 1970s. Another member of the group was Davy Lees of Motherwell.
This Edinburgh folk-rock band started life in the 1970s as The Medium Wave Band. A second incarnation of that band changed their name to Avalon in the 1980s and enjoyed success touring and recording four albums. The band split in 2002. More details and discography here.
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