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Watt Nicoll

Watt Nicoll

Scottish songwriter/folksinger
Watt Nicoll's formative years seem to have been spent in Dundee and Glasgow. During the 60s and 70s he was mainly known as a songwriter and a folksinger; he recorded several LPs for the Transatlantic label and toured extensively. More recently he has flourished in the world of motivational speaking, in which field he is regarded as a guru. He hit the headlines when England soccer manager Kevin Keegan hired him to motivate the English national side before their 1999 match against Poland (they won 3-1). Some of Watt's recordings are detailed below:


The Ballad of the Bog (XTRA 1062, 1968)

Side One: Remote Control; Factory Horn; Wee Wains; Scriptures; Idle Welder; Just Made It Legal; Greenfields of Dundee
Side Two: The Fifie; Craftsmen of Old; Swandown Girl; Whiskey Drinkers; The Pipe; Ballad of the Bog

All songs written by Watt Nicoll

Watt Nicoll (vocals, whistle, ocarina) with Oscar St Cyr, Roy Bayne, Gordon Young and Alan Robson

Watt Is a Four Letter Word (XTRA 1073, 1968)

Side One: Licensing Song; Young Man's Company; Recipe for Life; We'll Eat Again; Part of the Game; Freedom Forward
Side Two: Quizling History of Scotland; Colquhoun Grant; The Hour Glass Song; The Weans March to the Midden; The Little Rustic Hut; Jenny's Grace

All songs written by Watt Nicoll

Watt Nicoll

Watt a Night (XTRA 1089, 1969)

Side One: The Crude Word; Wee Bird; Pound In the Hand; Dawn Talk; The Ballad of Graham Brown; Plumbers and Jiners
Side Two: Ballad of Wee Dan; Horny Bull; A Whisky History; Whisper Away; Never Drink the Water; Bonny One; Queen's Own Household Cavalry

All songs written by Watt Nicoll

Watt Nicoll (vocals, whistle, ocarina) with Ian McIntosh, Bob Eaglesham, Mike Whellans, Ally Bain, Stanley Thompson, Doreen Swan (vocals), John Ballard (vocals)

Great Scots Sampler

The Great Scots Sampler (Transatlantic TRA SAM 17, 1970)
with Hamish Imlach, Matt McGinn, Archie Fisher

Side One: The Fifie (Nicoll)

WATTcha! (XTRA 1108, 1970)

Side One: Early In the Morning; Weathermen; Berryfields of Blair; Farewell to Dundee; The Whistling Duke; The Whistling Duke; Old King Cole
Side Two: The Fiddler and the Dancer; Paraffin Lamp Seller; Morning of the Dawn Segue; Pendulum Song; Tribute to Burns; Snatches of Conversation; Wild Mountain Thyme

all songs written by Watt Nicoll except Early In the Morning, Farewell to Dundee, Tribute to Burns, and Wild Mountain Thyme (all trad arr Nicoll)

Watt Nicoll with Whisky Fizz (Doreen Swan and Eddie Taaffe) and others

5,227,706 Scotsmen Can't Be Wrong! (TRA SAM 22, 1971)
(with Hamish Imlach and Matt McGinn)

Side One: Plumbers & Jiners (trad arr Nicoll); Wee Bird (Nicoll); Scriptures (Nicoll)
Side Two: The Whistling Duke (Nicoll); Just Made It Legal (Nicoll)

Nice To Be Nice (XTRA 1122, 1971)

Side One: Song of the Car; Love's Over; Willow Twig Artist; El Condor Pasa; Ach, Ah Dinna Ken; Border Lands
Side Two: Today Is the First Day; Ca the Ewes; Dodi's Boys (Lodging In the Cold Ground/Kate Dalrymple/Reel O' Stumpie O); Home Town; The Hour Glass Song

all songs written by Watt Nicoll except Willow Twig Artist (Nicoll/Campbell), El Condor Pasa (trad), Ca' the Ewes (Burns), and Dodi's Boys (trad)

Watt Nicoll (vocal, whistle, recorder) with Doreen Swan, Eddie McEwan, John Ballard, Ronnie Rae, Stanley Thomson

Watt's On (XTRA 1129, 1972)

Side One: Looking Back Through the Years; Queen of the Border; King of the Castle; March of the Cameron Men (Baroness Nairne); McCrimmon
Side Two: Evening Bright; Letters That I Write (Swan); Swandown Girl; Baratza; One Man and a Double Whisky; Unfinished Lullaby

all songs written by Watt Nicoll unless otherwise stated

Watt Nicoll (vocals, whistle) with Doreen Swan, John Ballard, James McKenzie, Stanley Thomson, Pete Watters

If It Wasnae for Your Wellies! (XTRA 1144, 1974)
with Billy Connolly, Hamish Imlach, Bobby Eaglesham, Matt McGinn, Ian Campbell Folk Group

Side One: The Horny Bull (W Nicoll)
Side Two: Greenfields of Dundee (W Nicoll); The Weatherman (W Nicoll);

Scottish Folk Scene (2 LP, Metronome Records DALP 2/1955, no year)
with Alex Campbell, Eddie Furey, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Archie Fisher, Hamish Imlach, The Johnstons, Luke Kelly

Side One: The Fifie (Nicoll)
Side Two: Freedom Forward (Nicoll)
Side Three: Remote Control (Nicoll); Whisky Drinkers (Nicoll)
Side Four: Early in the Morning (trad arr Nicoll)

Watt Nicoll's "Wee Carry Out" (Grampian Records MOR4027, 1976)

Side One: Annie Laurie; The Scottish Cowboy (Nicoll); The Other Side of Me (Sedaka); Home Town (Nicoll/Heathside); The Scottish Working Man's Blues (Nicoll)
Side Two: Auld Scots Songs Medley:Roaming In the Gloaming (Harry Lauder)/Ye Banks and Braes/My Ain Folk; Flower of Scotland (Williamson); Liberty (Weir/Williamson); Pipe Selection: Heilen Laddie/Morning Has Broken/No Awa To Bide Awa

All tracks Traditional, arr. Nicoll unless otherwise indicated

Transatlantic Best of Scottish Folk

Best of Scottish Folk (Transatlantic MTRA 2003, 1978)
with Hamish Imlach, Alex Campbell, Owen Hand, Ian Campbell Group, Isla Cameron, The McCalmans, Archie Fisher, Dave Swarbrick, Matt McGinn

Side One: The Fifie (Nicoll)