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tomm1.jpgThomas Leith Morrison (1873 - 1940) was a poet, songwriter, singer, recording artist and performer who was popular in his native North East of Scotland. He was born in Inverurie and lived there for all of his life, involving himself in the running of the community there. In his early years, he was a clerk in law offices in Inverurie and Aberdeen. When the Commercial Bank of Scotland opened a branch in Inverurie, Tom was appointed agent.

Tom published two volumes of poetry -

  • The Bugler Boy published by Aberdeen Daily Journal in about 1916 and now only available to look at in the archives of the Aberdeen Press & Journal.
  • Murmurings Frae Ury published by Aberdeen Daily Journal, 1921

and wrote and recorded many humorous songs, notably

  • Country Geordie
  • The Porter
  • The Postie
  • Oor Fairm Toon
He was a frequent collaborator with monologuist Dufton Scott, with whom he recorded on Beltona Records, featured on BBC radio shows, and appeared in stage productions such as the comedy drama Main's Wooin' (written by the famous song collector Gavin Greig - more information). Tom took keen participation in local musical societies and appeared in numerous productions of the Inverurie Operatic Society, playing Koko in The Mikado several times.

In 1940, at the age of 66, Tom Morrison was tragically killed in his home town of Inverurie when he was struck by a lorry.

Tom Morrison Material

This list of Tom Morrison's songs and books is compiled from the sources listed below. I would be very interested to hear of any other material relating to Tom Morrison (email me).

Code Description
lMM Letter from Margaret Minter (Daughter of Tom Morrison, mentioned above)
cDS Cassette, Dufton Scott, Stories In Braid Scots Sleepytown Records, n.d. (c2001). Digitally remastered from original 78s.
bSK Book, Dufton Scott's Scots Stories and Sketches (Inverurie 1953)
aBCi Article, Beltona Records Catalogue (Photocopy of catalogue from 1941)

The Singing Lesson parts 1 & 2 (with Dufton Scott)
(Dufton Scott)
cDS   bSK   lMM   aBCi
The Postie - Beltona 78rpm record
Oor Fairm Toon - Beltona 78rpm record
The Porter - Beltona 78rpm record
Country Geordie - 78rpm record
The Bugler Boy - poetry book, c.1916
Murmurings frae Ury - poetry book, 1921

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