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Nigel Denver

Kathryn Knight emailed me recently to say that Nigel is the chairman of the Royal British Legion in Kings Heath, Birmingham where he holds folk sessions. Good to hear he's still singing. Any further information about Nigel Denver would be gratefully received (email me).
With thanks to Harry Marsh.



Moving On

Moving On (Decca LK4728, 1965)

Side One: The Jute Mill Song; MacPherson's Lament; The Three Flowers; The Moving On Song (MacColl); Such a Parcel of Rogues In a Nation; The Bonnie Hoose o' Airlie (Stewart); Derek Bently (Dallas)
Side Two: The Ballad of Jimmy Wilson (Seeger/MacColl); Twa Corbies; Van Diemans Land; Banks o' Sicily (Robertson/Henderson); The Bleacher Lass o' Kelvinhaugh; Jamie Foyers (MacColl); The Big Hewer (Seeger/MacColl)

All songs traditional except where indicated

Nigel Denver (vocals)
with Martin Carthy (guitar)


Scottish Republican Songs (Nevis NEVLP124, 1966)

Side One: Forget the Auld Orange and Green; Maggie's Weddin'; The Scottish M.P.; A Parcel of Rogues (Burns); The German Tour; The English Royal Family; The Wallace
Side Two: The Queen's Navee; N.A.B. for Royalty; Ghost Tigers; The Laird's Prayer; The Royal Horses; Royal Deployment; The Declaration of Arbroath (1320)

All songs by Jim MacLean except where indicated

Nigel Denver (vocals)


Rebellion! (Decca SKL4844, 1967)

Side One: Wae's me for Prince Charlie; Johnnie Cope; I'm a Freeborn Man; The Ballad of Tim Evans; The Wee Wee German Lairdie; Kishmul's Galley; Bold Robert Emmet
Side Two: The Jolly Beggar; The Verdent Braes of Screen; The Work of the Weavers; Fiddach Side; Father Murphy

All songs traditional except where indicated

Nigel Denver (vocals) with Martin Carthy (guitar), Dave Swarbrick (fiddle, mandolin), Felix Doran (Irish pipes)

Folk Scene

Folk Scene (FSP001, n.d.)
with Malcolm Price Trio; Martin Carthy; John Pearse; Shirley Collins; Bill Clifton; Owen Hand; Alex Campbell; Stanley, Wiseman and Jones; The Leesiders; Colin Wilkie; John Foreman

Side Two: Baron o' Brackley

There Was a Lad

There Was a Lad (Major Minor MMLP38, 1968)

Side One: There Was a Lad; Hey Ca' Through; The Rantin' Dog; Mary Morison; Green Grow the Rashes, O; Ay Waukin' O; Willie Wastle; The Lea Rig; Tibbie Dunbar; My Love Is But a Lassie Yet; What Can a Young Lassie; John Anderson My Jo, John; Ae Fond Kiss
Side Two: The Silver Tassie; Rattlin' Roarin' Willie; Killiecrankie; No Churchman Am I; Sleepy Body; Is There for Honest Poverty; We're A' Noddin'; The Deil's Awa'; Ca' the Yowes; Corn Rigs; I Hae a Wife o' My Ain; Todlin' Hame; My Love Is Like a Red, Red, Rose

All songs traditional except where indicated

Nigel Denver (vocals)

Wearing of the Green

Wearing of the Green (Ace of Clubs ACL1271, 1969)

Side One: The Wearing of the Green; Men of the West; Johnson's Motor Car; Forget the Old Orange and Green (Jim McLean); The irish Rover; Kelly, the Boy from Killanne
Side Two: Sean South; Father Murphy; Bold Fenian Men; The Recruitin' Sergeant; Robert Emmet; A Nation Once Again

All songs traditional except where indicated

Nigel Denver (vocals)
with Bobby Campbell (fiddle), Brian Brocklehurst (bass), Roy Swinfield (flute), Nicky Welsh (jangle-box piano, harpsichord, piano accordion)