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Hamish Imlach 4

With thanks to Susanne Kalweit and Andreas Martens.

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Hamish Imlach
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Born In Glasgow
Two's Company
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I Was Born In Glasgow (Gallus Music GAL 102, no year- 1991?)
with Ian Davison, Iain Mackintosh, Ewan McVicar, Alan Tall.

Side One: I Wish I Was In Glasgow (Billy Connolly); The Glasgow I Used To Know (Adam McNaughtan) [1]; Farewell to Glasgow (Jim McLean)
Side Two: Doon in the Wee Room (Trad/Daniel McLaughlin); Going Home To Glasgow (Ian Davison)

[1] = with Ewan McVicar

twos company

Two's Company (Vindaloo Music, CURRYCD001, 1993)
with Muriel Graves

Boozin; The Nobleman; Makin´ Whoopee; Ballad Of The Carpenter; Cigarettes And Whisky; The Bunch Of Thyme; Dead Puppies; Solid Gone; I Can Play Anything; Whistle Daughter Whistle; Donal Og; Salvation Army Song; Irish Ballad; Maxwell´s Silver Hammer; The Wagoner´s Lad


More and Merrier (KRL Lochshore CDLDL 1238, 1995)

Castlereagh (Hamish Imlach); Mary Alice Jones (unknown); Black is the Colour [1] (Hamish Imlach); I Like Beer (Tom T Hall); She Moved Through the Fair [1] (trad arr Imlach); Shit I've Forgotten the Words (unknown); Mary Anne (Hamish Imlach); The Hills of Lorne (Charlie Hunter)/Old French/Woodchoppers Reel [2]; Pub With No Beer (Gordon Noel Parsons); Amazing Grace [2] (trad arr Kramer); The Willowy Gardens (Hamish Imlach); Aunt Clara (unknown); Jock o' Bredeslie (trad arr Imlach); If You Go Away [1] (Jacques Brel/Rob McKuen); If It Wasn't for the Unions (Matt McGinn)

[1] = sung by Muriel Graves [2] = sung/played by Kate Kramer

with Muriel Graves, Kate Kramer, Martin Allcock, Ian McCalman, Derek Moffat, Fraser Spiers


Scottish Folk Scene (2 LP, Metronome Records DALP 2/1955, no year)
with Alex Campbell, Eddie Furey, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Archie Fisher,The Johnstons, Luke Kelly, Watt Nicoll

Side One: The Wind Blew the Bonnie Lassie's Plaidie Awa (trad arr Imlach)
Side Two: McPherson's Farewell (Davie Stewart)
Side Four: Nancy Whisky (The Calton Weaver) (trad arr Imlach)


Hamish Imlach - The Definitive Transatlantic Album (Castle Communications, 1997)

It's Better In The Dark; Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice; Johnny O'Breadislee; Erin Go Bragh; If It Wasn't For The Unions; Foggy Dew, The; Copper's Song, The; McPherson's Farewell; 37 Bus, The; Jean Harlow; Clapped Out Motorcar; McGreggors, The; Anthony Riley; Beer Is Best; Little Maggie; Goodbye Booze; Calton Weaver, The; Clive's Song; Cuckoo, The; Kilbogie; Bluebird; Jenny Jenkins; Travelling Rhythm

Other compilations:
Interfolk Festival vol 4 (Autogram, 1973)
The Greatest Ceilidh Band on Earth (Tonder Festival) (Millstream 1001, 1981)
Tonder Festival 25 years (Millstream, 1999) - live festival recordings


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