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Hamish Imlach 3

With thanks to Susanne Kalweit and Andreas Martens.

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Hamish Imlach
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If It Wasnae for Your Wellies! (XTRA 1144, 1974)
with Billy Connolly, Watt Nicoll, Bobby Eaglesham, Matt McGinn, Ian Campbell Folk Group

Side One: Boozin' Bloody Boozin' (H Imlach)
Side Two: Poisoning the Students Minds (H Imlach);

Scottish Sabbath (Autogram ALLP 209, 1976)

Side One: Scottish Sabbath (Jim McLean); Downtrodden Landlord (T Wolfe); Kelty Clippie (John Watt); Better in the Dark (Gordon McCulloch); The Gaudie (John Imlah); The Kerry Recruit (trad/Imlach); Whisky and Women (Shel Silverstein)
Side Two: Men of Knoydart (Hamish Henderson); The General (trad); Pretty Little Horses (trad/Imlach); If It Wasn't for the Unions (Matt McGinn); The Oyster Girl (trad/Imlach); The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda (Eric Bogle); Goodbye Booze (trad/Imlach)

with Iain MacKintosh

A Man's A Man (Autogram ALLP 215, 1978)
with Iain MacKintosh

Side One: A Man's A Man For A' That [1] (trad/Burns); Jamie Foyers [2] (MacColl); D-Day Dodgers (Schulze/Henderson); Parcel of Rogues (trad/Burns); The Roving Ploughboy [1]; Wae's Me For Prince Chairlie [2]; McPherson's Rant Side Two: Skye Boat Song; Betsy Bell [2]; The Can o' Tea [2] (Matt McGinn); I Am A Miller (trad); Freedom Come All Ye [2] (trad/Henderson); The Flooers o' the Forest; Baron of Brackley; Johnny Cope

[1] = sung by Hamish Imlach & Iain MacKintosh [2] = sung by Iain MacKintosh

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

sport.jpg - 7Kb

The Sporting Life (Kettle KOP 3, 1979, reissued in Germany by Musikiste, 26-6-250)

Side One: Castlereagh; Timothy Evans; Sure To Be A Row; Sporting Life; Western Cowboy
Side Two: Wagoner´s Lad; Whisky And Women; No Mans Land; Smoker´s Song; Black Is The Colour

Sonny's Dream (Lismor LIFL 7006, 1985)

Side One: Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice (MacDougall/Imlach); The Ballad of William Brown (trad. arr Imlach); Mary Anne (trad. new lyrics/music Imlach); The Reprobate's Lament (trad/lyrics Bill Hill); Salonika (trad. arr Imlach); Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Campbell/Newman); The Smokers Song (Ross/Imlach) Side Two: Sonny's Dream (Ron Hynes); If It Wasn't for the Union (Matt McGinn); The Parcel of Rogues (trad. arr Imlach); I Didn't Raise My Son To Be A Soldier (trad. new tune Imlach/lyrics McVicar); Goodbye Booze (trad. new tune/lyrics Imlach); D-Day Dodgers (Hamish Henderson); Men of Knoydart (Hamish Henderson)

with Mary Black & Donal Lunny (title track), Iain MacKintosh, John Martin, Clark Sorley, Mike Whellans

Live In Hamburg (MusiKiste 26-6-356, 1986)
with Iain MacKintosh

Side One: Johnny Cope; Skye Boat Song; The General [1] (trad/new words Imlach/MacKintosh); Weary Life [1] (Bogle/Imlach/MacKintosh); Dance Band on the Titanic [2] (Harry Chapin); Rollin' [1] (Randy Newman); Susie [1] (Imlach/MacKintosh) Side Two: Paddy Lay Back (trad/new words Imlach/MacKintosh); Tramps and Hawkers [1]; The New Restaurant [2] (Malvina Reynolds)^; Lily the Pink [1] (trad/new words Imlach/MacKintosh); My Friends [1] (John Denver); All the Tunes in the World [1] (trad/words Ewan McVicar)

[1] = sung by Hamish Imlach & Iain MacKintosh [2] = sung by Iain MacKintosh

Recorded live at 'Die Zwiebel', Hamburg, Elbtreppe, on 1 Sep 1985

Portrait (MusiKiste 26-6-359, 1989)

I Wish They´d Do It Now; Chemical Worker´s Song; Hokey Smoky — Take The Children And Run; Deep Elm Blues; The Coalowner And The Poor Pitman´s Wife; Marilyn; He´s In The Jailhouse Now; Clive´s Song; One Day Old, The Dove; Dark As A Dungeon; Johnny, I Hardly Knew You; Ghost Army Of Korea Parade; Ain´t Playin´ Me Fair

Recorded live at FERDI´s PIZZA PINTE in Bielefeld on 16th February 1989

with Götz Alsmann (banjo, mandolin); Rainer Brandt (trumpet); Dietmar Carl (snaredrum); Muriel Graves (backing vocals); Martin Hannemann: (keyboards, piano (on Clive´s Song)); Phil Shackleton (backing vocals); Gerry Spooner (dobro); Volker Wilmking (flute, piano, harmonica)

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