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Hamish Imlach 1

(1940-1996) Scottish entertainer

Hamish Imlach was one of the greats in the Scottish folk scene of the 1960s to 1980s. Although he was born in Calcutta, he was a Scotsman and a Glaswegian of note. He had a huge reputation for generosity and is fondly remembered by all who met him.

According to Ewan McVicar, Hamish Imlach was "...one of the founders of the Folk Revival in Scotland, a raconteur who taught Billy Connolly, a singer who taught Christie Moore, a blues guitarist who taught John Martyn"

Some of Hamish's recordings are detailed below.
With thanks to Susanne Kalweit and Andreas Martens.

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Edinburgh Vol.1
Edinburgh Vol.2
Hamish Imlach
Best Scottish
Before & After
Two Sides of...
Ballads of Booze
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Best of Scottish Folk
Scots Sampler
Old Rarity
English Tory Times
Murdered Ballads
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Scottish Sabbath
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Ray & Archie Fisher: Edinburgh Folk Festival Vol.1 (Decca LK 4546, 1963)
with Owen Hand, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ann Briggs, Lou Killen, Matt McGinn, Ray & Archie Fisher, Nadia Cattouse; Dolina McLennan

Side Two: Johnny Cope


Edinburgh Folk Festival Vol.2 (Decca LK 4563, 1964)
with Owen Hand, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ann Briggs, Lou Killen, Matt McGinn, Ray & Archie Fisher, Nadia Cattouse; Dolina McLennan, Jill Doyle, Jean Hart

Side One: MacPherson's Rant

Hamish Imlach (XTRA 1039, 1966)

Side One: Johnny O'Breadislee; Men Of Knoydart; The Zoological Gardens; Street Songs; Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice; The Gaudie
Side Two: If It Wasn't For the Unions; The Cumbie Boys; Erin Go Bragh; The Soldier's Prayer; Black Is the Colour; Foggy Dew

Hamish Imlach (vocals, guitar)

Hamish Imlach, Live (XTRA 1050, 1967)

Side One: I Was a Gay Spark In My Time (Wattie Wright); Whisky You're the Devil (trad arr Imlach); Early Morning Blues (Blind Blake); The Ballad of Timothy Evans (Ewan MacColl); It's Better In the Dark (Gordon McCullough)
Side Two: Campbell (Pink Anderson); Castlereagh (Banjo Patterson); The Wind Blew the Bonnie Lassie's Plaidie Awa' (trad arr Imlach); Paddy Lay Back (trad)

Hamish Imlach (vocals, guitar)


The Best of Scottish Folk Music (XTRA 1053, 1967)
with Lorna Campbell; Luke Kelly; Isla Cameron; Owen Hand; Matt McGinn; Bert Jansch; Alex Campbell; Ian Campbell

Side One: The Gaudie
Side Two: Scottish breakaway (Thurso Berwick)

Hamish Imlach (vocals, guitar)

Before and After (XTRA 1059, 1967)

Side One: Tall Tale (Watt Nicoll); Let Ramensky Go (Roddy McMillan); Coppers' Song (trad); The Klan (trad); McPherson's Farewell (Davie Stewart); Candy Man (John Hirt)
Side Two: The 37 Bus (M Toner); I Am A Miller (Lucy Stewart); The Castle of Drumboe (Hugh MacDonald); The Dundee Cat (Watt Nicoll); Sporting Life (Brownie McGhee)

with Oscar St Cyr (mandola, Concertina); Bobby Campbell (fiddle)

The Two Sides of Hamish Imlach (XTRA 1069, 1968)

Side One: Jean Harlow (Died the Other Day); Clapped Out Motorcar; I Got Fooled; Bourgeois Blues; The Horny Bull; The Happiest Day;
Side Two: The McGreggors; Anthony Riley; History of Football; The Priest and the Minister; Clive's Song

with Clive Palmer (banjo, kazoo); Archie Fisher (banjo, concertina); Ray Warleigh (flute); John MacKinnon (fiddle); Martin Frey (tuba)

Ballads of Booze (XTRA 1094, 1969)

Side One: Beer Is Best (Murphy, Ross. Trad); The Mountain Dew; Little Maggie; Scottish Sabbath (Jim McLean); Maids When You're Young; As Usual (Murphy, Zanetis); Good Bye Booze
Side Two: Drunk, Drunk Again (anon., Ross); Twelve and a Tanner a Bottle (Fyffe); Whisky Seller; The Moonshiner; The Calton Weaver; The Poor Beasts (anon, new words Imlach)

all songs traditional, arranged Imlach unless otherwise indicated

with Tom Harvey, John MacKinnon, Iain MacKintosh, Daryl Runswick, Mike Whellans

The Hamish Imlach Sampler 1 (Transatlantic TRASAM 9, 1969)

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