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The Fisher Family 3

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Traditional Songs


Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise: Balcanqhal (Leader Records LER 2100, 1976)

Side One: Hash o' Benagoak; Leaboy's Lassie; Wheel of Fortune; Miller o' Dron; Nancy Bell; Jock Stewart
Side Two: Love and Freedom (Mary Brooksbank); Magdalen Green; Spinner's Wedding (Mary Brooksbank); Rare's Hill; Aikey Brae (G. S. Morris)

All trad. unless stated otherwise

Cilla Fisher (vocals), Artie Trezise (vocals, guitar), Archie Fisher (guitar), Allan Barty (fiddle, mandola), Pete Shepheard (melodeon)

Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise: For Foul Day & Fair (Kettle Records KAC-1, 1978)

Side One: Sodger Laddie; Rhynie; Feein' Time; The Bothy Lads; The Jolly Beggar; Billy Taylor; Laird O' the Dainty Doonby
Side Two: The First Time (Archie Fisher); The Shepherd Lad; Twa recruitin' Sergeants; False Lover Won Back; The Miller; The Maid Gaed Tae the Mill; The Final Trawl (Archie Fisher)

Transatlantic Best of Scottish Folk

Best of Scottish Folk (Transatlantic MTRA 2003, 1978)
with Hamish Imlach, Alex Campbell, Owen Hand, Ian Campbell Group, Isla Cameron, Watt Nicoll, The McCalmans, Dave Swarbrick, Matt McGinn

Side Two: Bogie's Bonnie Belle

All songs traditional except where indicated

Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise: Cilla & Artie (Topic Records 12TS405, 1979)

Side 1: Norland Wind (Violet Jacob/Jim Reid); The Beggar Man; What Can A Young Lassie; Fisher Lassies (Ewan MacColl); Generations of Change (Matt Armour); Fair Maid of London Town
Side 2: The Wicked Wife; The Gypsy Laddies; Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk; John Grumlie; The Jeannie C (Stan Rogers)

All songs traditional except where indicated

Cilla Fisher (vocals), Artie Trezise (vocals, guitar, lap organ), Alistair Anderson (Northumbrian pipes), Johnny Cunningham (fiddle), Phil Cunningham (accordion, harmonium, synth, whistle), Malcolm Dalglish (hammered dulcimer), Jim Houston (mouth organ), Grey Larsen (concertina), Rick Lee (piano), Brian McNeill (fiddle, viola), John Martin (fiddle), Brian Miller (guitar, mandolin), Bob Zentz (autoharp)

Ray Fisher: Willie's Lady (Folk-Legacy Records FSS-91, 1982)

Side 1: The Pressers (Mary Brooksbank); The Bonnie Wee Lassie That Never Said No; The Red-haired Man's Wife; The Kye Have Come Hame; Willie's Lady
Side 2: Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie; Miller Tae My Trade; The Wearie Cutters; Betsy Bell; Over Yonder Banks (G Miles); When Fortune Turns the Wheel

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ray Fisher with Johnny Cunningham (fiddle)

Cilla Fisher: Songs of the Fishing (Kettle Records KOP-11, 1984)

Side One: The Boatie Rows; Caller Herrin' (Gow/Lady Nairne); Dance Tae Yer Daddie; Dreg Song ; Eyemouth Disaster (John Watt); The Final Trawl (Archie Fisher);
Side 2: The Fisherman's Wife; Fisherrow ; Hushaba Ma Bairnie; The Isle of May (Matt Armour); The Prosperity (Andy Mitchell); Tatties and Herrin'; Whaur Will We Gang (Andy Mitchell)

All trad. unless stated otherwise

Cilla Fisher (vocals), Carol Jamieson (piano), Davy Tulloch (fiddle)

Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise: Reaching Out (Kettle Records KOP-17, 1986)

Side 1: The Tinkerman's Daughter (Michael MacConnell); The Old Simplicity (Kieran Halpin); Yellow on the Broom (Music of the Spey) (Adam McNaughtan); A Miner's Lullaby (Coorie Doon) (Matt McGinn); Some Hae Meat (Ian Walker)
Side 2: John Anderson My Jo (Robert Burns); The Fisher Lass (Matt Armour); Tale of '81 (Land of Hope and Glory) (Andy Victor); Hunted on the Hillside (Brian Tulloch); Logie o' Buchan (Trad)

Cilla Fisher (vocals), Artie Trezise (vocals, guitar), Gary Coupland (keyboards), Brian Miller (guitar), Stuart Anderson (accordion), Archie Fisher (guitar), Brian McNeill (concertina, fiddle, viola), Cathal MacConnell (whistle), Hamish Moore (Scottish small pipes), Ron Shaw (cello)


Archie Fisher: Sunsets I've Galloped Into (Greentrax TRAX 020, 1988)

Side 1: Ashfields and Brine (Archie Fisher); Yonder Banks (Graham Miles)/The Shipyard Apprentice (Archie Fisher/Bobby Campbell); Cullins of Home (trad); Southside Blues (Stuart MacGregor); Silver Coin (Terry Hiscock); The Presence (Stuart MacGregor); Gunsmoke and Whiskey (Archie Fisher)
Side 2: Bill Hosie (Archie Fisher); I Wandered By a Brookside (trad); Merry England (Archie Fisher); Eastfield (Archie Fisher); The Black Horse (Archie Fisher); All That You Ask (Keiran Goss)

Archie Fisher (vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar synthesiser)
with David Woodhead (fretless & fretted bass, piano), Garnet Rogers (violin, electric guitar, guitar synthesiser)

Ray Fisher: Traditional Songs of Scotland (SDL 391)

Night Visiting Song; Wark o' the Weavers; Lady Keith's Lament; The Gallowa Hills; Coulter's Candy; Willie's Fatal Visit; Twa Recruiting Sergeants; Floo'ers o' the Forest; MacGinty's Meal and Ale; Baron O'Brackley; Gipsy Laddies; Lang Biding Here; Jute Mill Son

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