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The Fisher Family 2

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Fate o' Charlie
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Man with a Rhyme
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Traditional Songs

Archie Fisher: The Fate O' Charlie (Trailer LER 3002, 1969)
with Barbara Dickson & John MacKinnon

Side One: Cam Ye O'er Frae France; The Three Healths; Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie; The White Cockade; My Bonnie Hieland Laddie; The Highland Widow's Lament; prestonpans; The Battle of Prestonpans; Killiecrankie
Side Two: O'er the Water to Charlie; Prince Charlie; Highland Harry; The Fate o' Charlie; The Highlander's Lament; O'er the Water; The Flowers o' the Forest

[1] = sung by Barbara Dickson

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar, concertina, dulcimer, mandolin), Barbara Dickson (vocals, guitar, bodhran), John MacKinnon (vocals, violin, mandolin)

orfeo.jpg - 3635 bytes

Archie Fisher: Orfeo (Decca SKL5057, 1970)

Side One: Orfeo (trad arr Fisher); To Joan Eardley (Morgan/Fisher); Silver Tassie (Burns/Fisher); The Mountain Rain (Fisher); Just In Passing (Fisher)
Side Two: From a City Balcony (Morgan/Fisher); The Norway Maid (Trad arr Fisher); Tak the Road (Trad arr Fisher); Sadness Salesman (Fisher); The Last Time I Saw Esau Shaw (Fisher/Noakes); Whatever Happened to Me? (Fisher)

Archie Fisher (vocals, lead guitar), Rab Noakes (backing vocals, rhythm guitar), Daryl Runswick (bass), Bill Kemp (drums) Barbara Dickson (backing vocals)

Folk Trailer

The Folk Trailer (Trailer LER 2019, 1970)
with Robin & Barry Dransfield, Tony Rose, Dave & Toni Arthur, Aly Bain & Mike Whenllans, Rosemary Hardman & Bob Axford, Bob & Carole Pegg, Martin Wyndham-Read, Nic Jones, The High Level Ranters, The Young Tradition

Side Two: Ray Fisher & Colin Ross: Bonny At Morn; Archie Fisher with Barbara Dickson and John McKinnon: Cam Ye O'er Frae France

All songs traditional unless otherwise noted

Great Scots Sampler

Archie Fisher: The Great Scots Sampler (Transatlantic TRA SAM 17, 1970)
with Hamish Imlach, Matt McGinn, Watt Nicoll, Ian and Lorna Campbell

Side One: The Kilder Hunt
Side Two: Bogie's Bonnie Belle

All songs traditional unless otherwise noted


Archie Fisher: Thro' the Recent Years (Decca SKL 5041, 1971)
with Barbara Dickson

Side One: The January Man (Goulder); You Like the Sun (Lothian) [1]; Morning (Fisher); Tears of Rage (Dylan/Manuel) [1]; Friends and Lovers (Fisher); Somebody Counts On Me (Rab Noakes) [1]
Side Two: If I'd Stayed Around(Rab Noakes); Lullaby for Father (Fisher) [1]; I Am the Great Sun (Causley/Fisher) [1]; First of the Few (Fisher); Fiddler's Green (Connolly); Together Forever (Rab Noakes) [1]; Through the Recent Years (Fisher)

[1] = sung by Barbara Dickson

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar), Barbara Dickson (vocals), Des Haldane (backing vocals, guitar), Rab Noakes (backing vocals, guitar), Ronnie Reay (bass), Billy Kemp (drums), Roger Coulam (organ), Jack Ellory (flute), Alex Sutherland (trombone, piano)

Ray Fisher: The Bonny Birdie (Trailer Records LER 2038, 1972)

Side One: Johnny Sangster; Mill O' Tifty's Annie; Botty At Morn; The Forfar Sodger
Side Two: The pride of Glencoe; The Silkie of Sul Skerry; The Bonny Birdie

Ray Fisher, Colin Ross, Alistair Anderson, Liz & Stefan Sobell, Tim Hart, Peter Knight, Ashley Hutchings, Bobby Campbell, Martin Carthy

Archie Fisher: The Man With a Rhyme (Folk-Legacy Records FSS-61, 1976)

Side One: Twa Bonnie Maidens; Welcome Royal Charlie; Dark Eyed Molly (Fisher); Queen Among the Heather; Jock Stewart; The Witch of the West-mer-lands (Fisher); The Echo Mocks the Corncrake
Side Two: Western Island (Fisher); Upstairs, Downstairs; Mount and Go; The Wounded Whale; The Cruel Brother; Coshieville (MacGregor); South Wind

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar), Wendy Grossman (concertina, banjo, dulcimer), Kathy Westra (cello), Lani Herrmann (fiddle), Annie Mayo Muir (flute)

Archie Fisher: Will ye Gang, Love (Topic Records 12TS277, 1976)

Side One: O Charlie, O Charlie; Lindsay; The Broom O the Cowdenknowes; Mally Lee; Will Ye Gang, Love; The Flower of France and England, O; The Laird O' Windy Wa's
Side Two: Men O' Worth (Archie Fisher); Looly, Looly; Dreg Song; Adam Cameron; Blackbirds and Thrushes; The Gallant Ninety Two; The Rovin' Ploughboy

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar), Alan Barty (fiddle, mandola), John Tams (melodeons)

Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise: Cilla & Artie (Autogram ALLP-206, 1976)

Hieland Whisky; When I Was Noo But Sweet Sixteen; The Gaugers; Hirslin Kate; Baron o' Brackley; Guise o' Tough; Bunch of Thyme; Work of the Weavers; Birnie Bouzle; Tae the Beggin'; Jamie Raeburn; The Good Looking Widow (L. Cheyne); The Keech in the Creel

All trad unless stated otherwise

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